Rocksmith 2014 Edition - Bush - Everything Zen

in hive-140217 •  3 months ago 

Nice full moon coming through the window right now. Had a good day, went out in the sun. Been going through some really interesting also good life trips for the most part. I want to share more about that in another post.

Been awhile since I played guitar so thought to pick it up again today. This quarantine allowed me drop almost everything and come back to myself. I like getting refreshed back into things when it feels right. I was able to take advantage of that in the last while.

Here is the song/gameplay. It was fun to play. I like this song. Was a bit rusty at the beginning, then I got back into it fast enough.

I was surprised I could feel the emotion in it when I watched the video. Inspired me to get the song down so can perform it after the lockdown eases a bit more. I still will be careful out there. I won't be running around to mingle with a bunch of people. Perhaps a few new dear friends can be okay in time.

I also make my own music out on Bandcamp and Soundcloud

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