Rocksmith 2014 Gameplay - Sepultura - Refuse Resist

in hive-140217 •  last month 

I have been playing this game allot lately. Trying to learn more and get better at these songs! I thought this song by Sepultura is appropriate for this time! Did alright on the video, I want to get better! I want to learn this song by memory so I can perform it live. There's a few songs I'm learning better. Lately I'm restless from the slowdown in socialization going on. I want to prepare for when things open up for live music, I want to be ready. I was isolated before too. I think I do have allot to offer. Music brings people together and gets them moving. If I get good at another Rocksmith I will post here again.

Here is the video of Rocksmith 2014 gameplay

I also put out my electronic experimental music. It can be found on Spotify and Youtube as well as other places.

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