So,What are you waiting for? Time to jump in for Exode

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Couple of months back,a indie game developer decided to build a game in Steem Blockchain. It is the project of his dream and more accurately it is the project that he dreamed but pending to become a reality.

Project is named as Exode,a space theme based strategy and collectible game. A nice teaser of the game is also released in Youtube


Development of Exode started in Hive (Developer decided to support Hive in chain split from Steem) and game generated a lot of publicity for it. There may be various reasons for getting publicity ,maybe a very first game that is launching in Hive chain or the vision of Exode that promises lot of things/features to be added in future,release to the steam and bridging the gap between blockchain gamer and a non blockchain gamer.

In the meantime Exode also picked up it's artist and introduced them to the community in the post1 and post2


Exode started it's presale for players (and traders too) or early backers and price is supposed to increase with the launch of Alpha. Community decided that people should get sneak peak and able to test the game before the presale ends.

So good news is that game is released for your Alpha testing. You can get the zipfile at:


If you want to test before you want to take part in presale the time is running out for you because On April 30th:

Starters will go from 5 USD, to 8 USD.
Triple starter will go from 10 USD to 15 USD.
Support packs will go from 10 USD to 15 USD.
Rekatron and Tom Settler contracts will go from 40 USD to 50 USD.
Syndicate Contract will go from 80 USD to 120 USD.
Special Robot Crew will go from 20 USD to 25 USD.
Boosters will go from 2 USD, to 2.5 USD.

And if you have now decided to jump in the Exode ship, then make sure that you use referral code.Using the referral code will give you 2 extra booster in game.

Link to Game site:
Link with my referral:
Link to Discord:
References and Images: They are from elindos posts.

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I really like the idea of and the look of the game - but what's the draw to bring me in with prices like 120 USD 'Syndicate Contract' which I assume is necessary at some point, when I could get browser-based enjoyment out of other blockchain games for free?

The prices you're listing here seem like a huge hurdle to adoption and that concerns me.

What exactly is necessary is $5 starter pack. $120 Syndicate contract is to give you edge in game as well it will give you premium objects in game that you can trade/sell in game.
It really become individual choice how much that individual want to rule that "Digital world" and keep buying articles/objects in game to maintain ots supremacy.

Ahhh okay, that makes sense! Thanks for the reply!