When Punk meets Progressive; does this even exist?

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While writing this article I found this statement:

Progressive rock and punk rock are as distanced as any music genres ever could be. Both have entirely opposite musical agendas (complexity vs simplicity, virtuosity vs. unskillfulness, structure vs. expressive freedom) which is why a fusion is impossible by definition.

Is it really impossible? Possibly but read on and tell me otherwise.

Long have I been a fan of Siouxsie and the Banshees. That distinctive cutting guitar sound had me hooked from my first listen of ‘Hong Kong Garden’ and they were simply ‘different’ from the punk groups that emerged from of the dust of The Sex Pistols legacy.

There was always a feeling of gothic mysticism about their sound from ‘Happy House’ to ‘Israel’. That guitar was always present, unique and chilling to the ear.

Just listen to the first 35 seconds of ‘Jigsaw Feeling’ and you will hear it.

So how is this band progressive? They are most certainly not but one song weighing in at almost 7 minutes is not your typical punk fare.

It changes direction, keeps you interested and is not the usual chorus, verse, chorus verse of the 3-minute punk offerings.

Don’t expect soaring strings, elaborate guitar solos and strange time signature’s that is not what this is. It is simply different and the closest the two genre’s I have heard so far.

'Siouxsie and the Banshees - Switch (as close to that fusion as I have heard)'


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I have probably said that I was never into this band apart from hearing the singles. Some punks were happy to keep bashing out the same 3 chords, but others wanted to evolve. Music should not stand still. Siouxsie seemed happy to experiment with stuff like this.

I remember that song but didn't like it. Where's the guitar sound I like so much? It was drums and vocal.. and The Creatures if I recall.. not the Banshees... a spin-off band.

Not a lot of vocal and drums acts out there. I think musicians should experiment when they feel the need. If nobody likes it then that's fair enough. Too many people want bands to just keep doing more of the same. Some will just to keep the money rolling in, but others care more about making art.

I tried, but her voice was a little wayward for me. Where did you dig this up from?

I don't remember how I discovered them, but I loved their first album, weird but good.

First 35 seconds, jangly and discordant.

I always hated that band :0)

Its what resonates with your brain.. it fits or it doesn't!

I love jangly normally but that era of jangly grinds my gears!

but that era of jangly grinds my gears!

You are not the first to say that, it's that distinctive sound that attracted my ear.

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