Camping at Home!

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Later in summer, partly due to the Coronavirus situation for travel and the hit on our finances, we will be taking a holiday in The Netherlands... and going camping! My wife used to camp quite a bit with her family when she was young, but my family didn't really get into it... so that reflects itself in our excitement in how much we are looking forward to the camping trip!

Still, we have a camping tent up in the attic... where it has seen pretty sporadic use over the years since we bought it... and we decided to break it out today to see if we could remember how to set it up! After all, the last time we used it, the girls were not around yet!

After a bit of faffing around and trying to remember which bits connected to what... plus some "help" from the girls, we ended up managing to fit it in our little back garden with just enough space to drive the stakes in the soft grass instead of the concrete... only just...

It is a nice little tent, technically probably on a three person tent, but we have two small people... so a little bit of a squeeze is better than getting another seperate tent!


Of course, the most fun part about setting up a tent is packing it to the gills with all sorts of stuff.... So, the essentials of the ground mats and sleeping bags... then along come half a library of books and extra clothes and then some more toys... this is just for the overnight testing session!

Of course, the two kids are too scared to sleep in the tent by themselves... so I'm going to stay with them in the tent for the evening whilst my wife sleeps in the comfortable bed upstairs in the house. That is a little bit weird... seeing as I'm the one who is camping averse!

It was nice and warm in the tent earlier in the evening when it still had the warmth from the day... but as the night is starting to set in, it is starting to get a bit chillier! Still, I think with the people in the enclosed tent it will stay warm enough... and I don't think that it is forecast to rain at all.

I did find that a slug had crawled into the tent whilst the girls were having dinner, but I think I will keep that little piece of information to myself. Perhaps we will be visited by a hedgehog in the middle of the night instead, my oldest found two snuffling around close by earlier!


Now, how should every stay-at-home camping evening start out????... with a little movie night session of course! So, we watched a bit of old-school Peter Pan via our newly acquired Disney+ subscription!

We do worry a little bit about the little though... she always is laughing when the villain gets the better of the hero... cackling uncontrollably.... in this case, she wasn't a big fan of Captain Hook or Peter Pan, but found that the Tick-Tock Crocodile to be absolute favourite! She is really quite a strange girl that one...

PS: Now that I'm typing this... my wife is feeling like she is missing out and is coming down to join us!

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This brought me memories from my chilhood, because I used to do the same with my dad, or my friends at home, and we made marshmallows in the howl, so this post got me kind of nostalgic. Such a beautiful family! Hugs! :)

Ooooh... we wanted to make marshmallows in a little fire, but we got distracted by the movie! Still, next time! The girls really want to do it more often!