#HivePitch - Elevator Pitch Initiative of @theycallmedan (Content creators)

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Hello friends, today I am joining this interesting activity offered by the friend @theycallmedan, it is about attracting the attention of three categories of potential users in "hive", with a brief talk inside a building elevator, remember you have few seconds to develop your arguments and raise them to these people, here I leave this activity for you to participate.



I will focus my participation on the group of content creators, these meetings have been very common for me, I always meet other users of "Hive" and we share ideas, information and important strategies.

If I entered an elevator with other "Hive" users, the first thing I would do is greet them cordially and in this way I would take advantage of my action, to take the floor and make sure I have the initiative of the conversation.

Content creators

I would talk to this group of users, about the great opportunities that are presented in "Hive", we have a lot of variety of topics that are published every day, we can organize ourselves in blocks with daily working hours, where the content creator dedicates time to observe and analyze content from other users, if you like to comment and support, so we give that impulse to other users and socialize, then in another block of the day, we dedicate our attention to creating content, following the procedures and using the appropriate labels to have more vision in the community,

I suggest you share your posts on other social networks, with an invitation to "Hive" in this way we would advertise our community.

In my last seconds, I would invite you to my "Blogs" to have your support, to my social networks and to join the "discord" channel so that they can participate and advertise their content in the different communities that make life with "Hive".

Finally, I would talk about the monetary value of "Hive" and the possibilities of earning more, if you are aware of changes in the market, for example buying and selling "Hive" for "HBD" when the time is right.


Friends, thank you for your great support and for your time, I say goodbye with this thought that makes us grow more every day.

Someday I'll say "It wasn't easy but I made it"


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