IMMUNE BOOSTING, Easy to make 5 - minutes Shaag (Spinach) Recipe for quarantine time.

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What is this? Blind-spot can cook? Is he seriously posting a recipe on the blockchain? 2020 is surely the craziest year!

Hello peeps, dudes, dudettes and cooks-due-to-circumstance. Today I am going to show how to prepare an immaculate, delicious, succulent and very very good for your immune system dish.

Due to the quarantine a lot of us are now cornered into testing our culinary skills and picking up the skillet. During such times it is also very crucial to keep your immune system at its peak by feeding your body with healthy nutrition.

This is where SHAAG comes in. SHAAG(spinach) and LAAL SHAAG(red spinach) are staples to the Emirates and Bangladeshi cuisine. I only picked up the taste buds for it a few days back because it is easy to make and very nutritious.

The 5 minutes Shaag Recipe


You will need:

  • Shaag (Spinach): 1 bunch
  • Laal Shaag (Red Spinach): 1 bunch
  • Salt: Up to your taste, fam.
  • Oil: Not more than 1 table spoon.

That's it! so easy and simple

Step 1:
Cut the shaags in half to have leaves and stems separate. This simplifies the washing and slicing process.

Step 2:

Wash the leaves separately and stems separately. Shaag and Laal shaag separate so as not to disturb the colours.
Wash them well.

Step 3:

Slice the stems up on a clean cutting board into tiny pieces.

Step 4:

Slice up the leaves into tiny pieces.
PRO TIP: Ball the leaves up . It makes it easy to control and gives really nice slices.

You will probably get something like this: Just remember the shape and size and slices don't matter as long as you have sliced them tiny. This helps cooking them evenly and quickly.

Step 5:

Light up the stove and maintain low heat. Toss a skillet/frying pan on the stove and put in no more than 1tbs of oil. As the pan heats up throw in the stems first and the leaves last. The stems need more cooking and the leaves need the least. Put a lid on it. A few minutes later the shaag is read to eat. Keep it longer for more than 10 minutes to make the shaag crispy, that's personal preference.


Now you have a quick, easy to make, low ingredient, low calorie, low carb, 5 minutes, low effort, nutritious dish.
No need to know to cook.
No need to bang your head on the table.
Easy, low cost and immune boosting food.


PS. It'll look better than this. I am just bad at food photgraphy.

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You should cook for me... :D

I will think about it...

your own immune system can be a pretty dangerous thing to your self especially during corona times
its definitely not obvious to me if boosting immune system helps or weakens you against the corona virus...

Its always a good idea to keep yourself healthy and your immunity efficient.
Thanks for the vid, I'll watch it.