Kissing The Gardening Season Goodbye

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This is a sad post, and maybe the hardest for me. Those of you who know me, know that we have a big garden and growing fruits and vegetables each year for the whole family and sometimes more, depending on the season.

The gardening season starts early, when it's still cold and snow outside. You start with planning, then growing seedling, then preparing the soil for planting seedlings and so on. We started early this year as we wanted to have all the seedling ready when the weather is starting to warm up. It was the end of January when the first seeds were planted. If you're interested, scroll down to find all my gardening posts at the bottom of this post.

Where We Are Now

Most of the seedlings are doing extremely well, growing nicely, except for the running petunia. That was an epic failure, unfortunately.


The weather is very nice these days, midday there's like 15 - 16°C. Today the sun was strong enough for sunbathing.


These seedlings need sun and light, otherwise they would grow very tall without getting strong.


The sooner they get used to the sun, the better.


So every day we're taking them out to the balcony and bringing them back inside at the evening.


It is a game that must be played if you want results.


Goodbye Gardening Season

No matter how hard it is, we have to admit, the gardening season for us is over before even starting it. This is the time when onion and garlic must be planted but we're stuck inside due to covid-19 restrictions. You need to have an affidavit with you to justify where you are going, which is fine but traveling miles is not on the list.

Currant and raspberry needs some work, old stems must be cut and now is the time. I bet the place is full of healthy, organic nettle, an excellent source of vitamin besides ingredient for a very good soup and I can't collect them.

Other seeds should be planted in our old school "greenhouse" as soon as possible in order to have the necessary time to grow.

These seedlings are still young and nights are still cold, I believe another month is needed so these can be planted outside. The problem is in one month we're going to be still here, locked in the city as the peak of the pandemic will be taking place but I may be too optimistic and the peak are not going to be here yet, may take more time.

These seedlings must be planted outside at some point and then monitored and helped each day. Weed must be eliminated and watering is also a must as rain you can't count on it. It is constant work that must be done if you want results.

This pandemic is going to last a few months in my opinion, and gardening can't wait that long. There's a time for everything as we have four seasons in theory as many times weather is skipping one or two seasons. Planting late means you risk not harvesting anything.

The Plan

My dad is still hoping to be able to plant something but I guess that's only wishful thinking as he knows he needs surgery asap, as soon as the covid lockdown is lifted and recovery is going to take a month or two.

I guess we're going to give the majority of the seedlings to a family friend, who has a big garden near the city to salvage them. I'm hoping to harvest some currants and raspberry although those also have their time, you need to be there when they are ripe. I'm expecting currants to ripe towards the end of June, maybe the beginning of July. Raspberry needs to be harvested all the time from June till October but the vast majority is in July.

This pandemic doesn't care about any of this, it has its own schedule and spreading like crazy. There are 1292 infected, 24 dead.The number of new cases are rising each day.

The Lesson

Life and gardening can teach you a lot. This in case you're willing to listen. I've learned a lot and still learning till I die. The most valuable lesson has been, not to take everything for granted.

There are a lot of factors influencing results, it's like the lottery, you won some, then lose some. There are years in which you have double what you need of one vegetable and non of the other. It's the easiest to say you don't need more and let them rot but it's not the smartest as you never know what's going to happen next year.

Last year we had a lot of cucumbers, more than we needed and towards the end of the season when all the jars were full of pickles, we needed to make a decision. I said let's buy more jars and make more pickles as you never know what's going to happen next year. And here we are, like never, there's not going to be a gardening season. Not to worry, my storage room is still full, I may ran out of a thing or two but still have plenty of supplies to last for awhile.

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