Preparing For Stage 4

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No worries, it's not cancer stage 4 but if you think of it, some people have a better chance beating cancer than covid-19. Till now cancer has been the scariest illness. Now we have covid-19, which is even more scarier as there's no cure for it right now and kills you in a very short period.

Today I'm going to share my experience during the lockdown and post photos that are not related to the topic as I need something to cheer us up.


Brief Statistics

At the moment of writing there are 1760 confirmed cases and 42 dead. Last night when I went to bed there were 30 dead, 37 when I woke up and now already 42. I'm pretty sure this is just the beginning, the worst is yet to come, unfortunately.

Situation In Real Life

The situation is, unfortunately very sad. I'm not going out unless I have to as you need an affidavit in which you need to justify why and where you are going out. Police and the army is patrolling all the time and if you're caught without an affidavit or in a place where you have no reason to be at, you are fined. Fines are substantial and the number of fines are rising like crazy.

When I'm going grocery shopping I'm always coming home angry. Yes, angry at people as they still can't realize or they don't care, what kind of danger this is. The majority of the people are used to bending rules, cutting corners and ignoring authorities.

People over 65 are allowed to go out for two hours, between 11 am and 1 pm but you can see them all day long. As I said in my actifit post, they are the most endangered category but they don't care. Keeping the necessary 1.5m distance is like non existent for them.

The truth is, you can protect yourself, do everything right and an ignorant, poorly educated person can decide for you and take away your chance of staying healthy.

Yesterday I was shouting at a man at the grocery store who came near me, ignoring all rules and recommendations. Interesting enough, he got angry at me and my reaction as he only wanted to look at a label. These people don't care about anything, not their life, not other people's life.

It is very sad and makes me angry. Why should I get sick because of a person like the one in the grocery store?

Masks, gloves, hand sanitizers are still non existent. No matter to which pharmacy unit you go to, the answer is No, we don't have any.

I see people on the streets wearing masks (those that worth nothing as those won't protect you) but not as it should be worn, but under their chin as it's not comfortable to speak through the mask and they can smoke with the mask,


Numbers Of Critical Care Beds Corrected For Size Of Population (Per 100,000 Inhabitants) For European Countries

For those of you who don't know me, I live in Romania where if you're employed, you have health insurance and therefore you (should theoretically) get free healthcare. I say theoretically because even so, you have to spend a lot of money on tests and on medicine as not all is covered by insurance and in some cases you need to go to private cabinets if you don't want to wait months to get in and get a random doctor that is good or not.

The other day I came across an article with some statistics, one of which was the number of beds in each European country as the subtitle says.



If you look at the chart, you can see Romania is fourth here. Now one who has no idea about the situation might think wow, great job Romania. However, the situation is not so great if you look at the true facts.

There are countries that are focusing on keeping the population healthy as it has more benefits. Imagine people staying healthy and active and live much longer. It's an ideal situation. In these countries people are obliged to go to periodic checkups, fitness activities are supported and encouraged.

Romania is not among those countries, people are not exactly eager to go to the doctor as it means a lot of torture, money and time. Most of them go when they have no choice and many times it's too late.

Those beds you see on the chart don't exist because the healthcare system is cautious and want to be prepared for any scenario, but because are much needed and full most of the time.

Knowing this, imagine what it means now, when the corona virus pandemic is just starting here. Let me break it down for you as those in countries with a healthy healthcare system have no idea. Lucky them.

At the beginning of March, when covid-19 started to torture Romania, based on what they knew about China and what has been going on in the world, it became obvious that sooner or later (rather sooner), we're going to have the same faith. Hospitals have the freedom to decide for themselves till a certain point and many decided not to hospitalize people, unless it's an emergency for two reasons. One was to protect them from getting infected, the other was to keep the beds free in case the outbreak gets worse. I know this first hand as my dad's surgery was cancelled too.

After a week or so the Healthy Ministry issued an order instructing every hospital to handle only emergencies, moreover, patients that were not in serious condition were sent home.

Now imagine all those beds at the ICU units, far more than in other countries and if the outbreaks get worse, those won't be enough for sure.

The other problem we're facing right now is that unfortunately in some hospitals, those who should have taken the pandemic extremely seriously, were careless, could not care less. I could list you all the shocking cases, could write endlessly, but I won't.

This month a lot of people returned home, mostly workers fro countries like Italy and Spain, the two most affected county in Europe. Those were isolated at home, theoretically, as many are ignoring the measure. As I said in the beginning of my post, fines are handed out on a daily bases ans they don't care, they go out anyway.

Those people could be infected and the results are going to show now or the upcoming weeks. I truly hope I'm wrong but we're going to witness a terribly high number of deaths.

Crazy Things Are Happening

A theologian is suing the Minister of Defense! This is not a joke, this is real. A military order has been issued not long ago (we have 3 already, this was number 2), forbidding people participating at the religious gathering of any kind. This means churches has been closed. This theologian says this is violating the rights guaranteed by the constitution. Nuts!

There's a saying in Hungarian, "help yourself and God will help you too". Stay home and God will help you! Hundreds of people kissing the same cross one after the other without being disinfected won't help anyone.

Preparing For Stage 4

This means Military Order no. 4 in case 2000 people are reported infected, with more restrictions. More hospitals will be accepting covid patients, more people will be tested based on certain criteria but the truth is, I'm not sure they have what it needs, in fact no one has.

Your Only Chance Is To Stay Healthy

I've stated this before and I'm repeating myself but the only chance is to stay healthy. If you get sick, no one can guarantee you'll be treated. Doctors are kind of clueless as this is a new situation, never happened before. If you're taken to the hospital, one may think you can get the best care but that's far from the truth.

Stay home and stay healthy!

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Many thanks pix!

It's great that you are taking it very seriously. So much is still unknown about how to contain it, but social distancing, hand washing and other precautions really do make a difference! Thanks for sharing all the great information.

I have no other choice than to take it seriously. Thanks for stopping by, stay safe and healthy and happy a great day 😊