Spring Photoshoot, Or Winter?

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In full corona virus pandemic, yesterday I went grocery shopping as it was needed. Going out in Romania is becoming more and more difficult. You're allowed to go out but there are rules you need to follow and the more time passed, the more restrictive these rules become.

My Plan & What's Happened

In order to go out, you need a reason and that reason must be real. Or better, the government has determined what are the reasons that allow you to go out. Shopping is one of them, but you need an affidavit up to date every time.

Saturday I wrote one by hand, with the actual date and I said it will do. Besides, this is a quiet neighborhood, especially now that life has been halted.

Once I exited the apartment building I was looking right and left to see which way to go and what do I see? A police patrol former of two female officers on foot, 20m in front of me. I took a step back and found cover behind a tree. I thought it's better to wait and see where they are going and decide after which way I'm going to go.

There were two cleaners on the street, about ten meters ahead of me, who were watching me, trying to figure out what I was up to. I heard one saying "What's up blondie?" Blondie? 😯 I'm not even blonde, maybe strawberry blonde but I'm not considering myself one.

After the patrol left, I thought it's time to leave. Taking advantage of the nice weather and knowing the patrol is ahead of me, I thought why not take some spring photos as this lockdown is taking away every opportunity from me to enjoy what spring has to offer.


Spring And Its Beauty

Fruit trees are starting to grow buds. These are the most spectacular trees while blooming. Their blossom is something I could admire all day long, every day. The one above is an apple tree that is full of white blossom every year.


This is my favorite, a wild cherry tree, although I don't like pink. It's absolutely amazing when it's flowering.


Primola, this is a spring flower that is mostly sold in pots for the 1st of March and for the International Women's Day. It's very common and this year I spotted these growing wildly next to my home. Freedom is always better and it's nice to see them growing here.


There are two tiny mushrooms on the photo as well :)


Being heavily restricted, the only place I could look for flowers and things to photograph was on my way to the shop. I could find this lovely funnel like flower.


The funny thing is, if it wasn't for the restrictions, I would probably went past the flower without paying any attention or even noticing it. Now that there are no better choices, I had to open my eyes and look carefully at everything.


Golden shower, it's also a symbol of spring, although it flowers mostly in April, during Easter most of the time.


It's a very beautiful flower although photographed from close it's not so spectacular. Around here there are bushes but I know at other parts of the world these are trees.


This is new to me, have no idea what plant it is. Must be some kind of flower as it's planted, not wildly grown.


Roses are looking great, but there are still two months to go I believe. I love those green leaves with red edges.

The Rest Of The Journey

After taking these photos I headed to the administrative office to take care of some things and then shopping. My favorite sandwich shop closed on the 18th but I saw yesterday that it's open again with slight changes. They are serving now at the window now to avoid crowding the place with people. It's great and they should have thought of it sooner. One of these days I'm going to have a sandwich.

Leaving one of the grocery stores to go to the other and to the pharmacy, I saw a patrol car passing by, fortunately didn't stop to check people.

At the pharmacy I got the same shocking experience. On the glass door there's a note letting people know that they don't have any gloves, masks, sanitizer and medical alcohol. The most important things one would need in the middle of the worst pandemic of the 21st century! I wouldn't mind if this would have been one of the few pharmacies that don't have these essential supplies but this is the case in every single pharmacy in Romania as far as I know and maybe not only in Romania.

After finishing my business at the pharmacy, on my way to the bakery I saw a military patrol car. They also have the right to stop you and check for your papers. Thankfully they didn't. I got home safe and learned that next time I MUST have my affidavit up to date with no mistake, otherwise I'm risking a huge fine.


This Morning

After that beautiful day, this is what we woke up to. Feels like Christmas is coming.


I was wondering how much damage this snow and cold weather can do to those flowers and buds.


The Plan

I'm taking the protective measures very seriously and doing everything I can to avoid getting sick, but next time I'm going grocery shopping I'm going to take another set of photos and post it. It's a way of coping with the lockdown. At least looking at the photos feels great.

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Bang, even on HIVE I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Sorry, no beers or deranged or trdo yet... waiting on steem-engine to make the move to HIVE...
Check my last update here

Thank you!

The world has gone crazy. You need an affidavit to walk around, how crazy is that?

No, you've misunderstood me. You're not allowed to walk around. You're allowed to go shopping and do a few necessary things and you need an affidavit for that.

This is even worst tbh. I understand the purpose of this but it is absurd.

Actually it's not, it's the only way to stop it.

They've already found a cure, why can't they just make it mainstream?

No offense but your information is not exactly accurate as tens of thousands of people are dying.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not indifferent to the suffering of people. I'm saying that they've done extensive testing with a Chloroquine based compound and there's a lot of evidence of people being cured.

I'm not an expert but they said at the beginning that working out a cure would take a year. I know there are procedures to be respected before they can release a new drug and that takes time.

It's good to know they've found something that work. Let's hope they can release it before this virus kills half of the population.

Another thing, after this is over, I guess many countries should revise their hospital policies, emergency protocols and laws referring to situations like this.

I’m sure the planet is going the best it’s ever had with us all being indoors! We’re giving it room to breathe again

That is true, pollution is reduced as never before. However, the economical catastrophe that is coming will be painful.

Wow, it really is so crazy reading about places that you have to have paperwork just to leave the house and go shopping. We haven't hit that level here yet, and everyone can still get out and walk to exercise and enjoy the spring flowers. Though we did have a problem here this weekend with too many people going to the parks and trails so they are monitoring those much more closely to keep people off of them for now. I'm lucky to live in a good neighborhood with lots of sidewalks and space to still get out while keeping proper social distancing between my neighbors out and about. I need to go to the grocery store today myself to stock back up on a few things. Always interesting to see what they do and don't have right now! I hope you can continue to find the small joys where you can during all of this.

I guess you're going to get more restrictions soon, although I'm hoping at least can escape that.
These are tough times and far from being over. I'd wish to say go out and enjoy spring till you can but I'm not sure if it's safe.
Stay safe and healthy and stock up everything to have in the upcoming weeks.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day 😊

Yes, it definitely seems that we are far from the peak here, so it may be quite some time before any kind of "normalcy" returns. Interesting times for sure.

The last bush is a mahonia, I know it because I love the purple balls it gets after the yellow blossoming
it seems our mahonia bushes are maybe more advanced now, as they seem more yellow and the flowers begin to open..;you can see how it becomes in the last picture, if you want to see better you can go here to this older post

bisous ! 😘

Thank you for identifying the flower for me. I'm going to check on it from time to time to see how it does. These are not open yet as it's till cold here, -6C during the night but hoping for warmer days soon. 😘