As hiveans, do your need to work or depend on your rewards for writing posts

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As hiveans, do your need to work or depend on your rewards for writing posts

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Good day, my dear blog readers, I have was discussing with a new member I invited @indepensky

And he said to me can I fully depend on hive for a source of living as a writer??

Then I had to think hard, because it was such a great question to ask, currently looking at the situations on hive blockchain, to get quality votes, you need to make good posts that are plagiarism free, but at times, some posts don't get noticed by curators due to traffic and a lot more therefore causing it to be undervalued without any reward, definitely, no one can depend fully on crypto for living except for investing

Then I took it further by going through the Bible
It recorded that the garden of Eden was watered by 4 rivers namely, PISON, EUPHRATES, HIDEKKEL, GIHON (Genesis 2 vs 10) with different combinations of molecules to aid the garden

This analogy obviously mean, An adult should have a minimum of four income to live well in the society

Obviously, COVID19 is a case example, there is a lot to learn from the pandemic situation that struck the world

Most people in the world expecially Africans survive with a means of living which is mostly white collar jobs and business
But now that no one can many if them are working from home???
Only few, because they only have a means which have been cut short by the virus

These were the things that came to my mind and I told him it isn't possible

One must have a minimum of 4 occupations to excel

Thanks for your can branch and welcome him on his introduction post

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Nothing is granted...if you able to manage good repo and looking at the growing strength of community you can opt to be a full time else...better keep it a secondary source...