How to earn on hive for new members

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Why is hive so hard for beginners

This are part of the questions have been asking my self recently about the hive blockchain

Alot of beginners have been posting valuable contents but ain't getting the right reward, I tried finding out what can cause it on the hive blockchain, then I noticed a lot of mistakes beginners make

  1. Use of wrong tags
    Alot of people don't know how to use tags appropriately, for example there are alot of communities on the hive blockchain with different ideas and believe this includes

@telokanda community
They believe and upvotes users for performing certain functions on the blockchain and reward their users with their native token called KANDA on their native site.
They also buy and sell ads
You can ask @ackza @citimilz about this


@challengeeos community
This is a community based on the EOS blockchain that is built on the EOS blockchain, they give upvotes for promotions for eg making valuable promotion videos and posts about them and also posting in their community

@gems community
This photography believes and upvotes users with art, photography and lifestyle content, writing good and quality posts attracts proper upvotes

@ocd community
This community have their believe based on consistency
What do I mean, you have to be recognized by the community by posting valuable contents regularly..I think they deal with reputation the most, how reputable you are on the community

@freewriters community
This is a community that upvotes writers, a good write up poem or poetry will earn you much here

@blackandwhite community
This is a photography community, here you can engage for photo contest as well as earning through writing posts

They also help in upvoting valuable contents when you use their tag

2)consider plagiarism
Whenever writing a post make sure the post was composed by you, copying someone's post will only end you getting flagged in the community, a good post is considered plagiarism free

3)follow curation trail
Curation trail doesn't really mean you will earn through posting, but you can earn hive power and get upvoted by following the curation trail

I know a lot of beginners don't know how to do so
@steemauto made it easy with the site
Login with your posting key and follow popular trails like
@curie @minnowbooster @appreciator @boosta @accelerator and alot more


Try these tips and check if it improved your a bit

I'll be making a well comprehensive tip after Making a full grown research

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Good basic tips for new users.

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think communities made it a bit easier for new accounts to be noticed. they just need to find the right community for them