Brown Leg (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)


Good day freewriters! Got my entry for the freewrite prompt "brown leg", you can read them below. You can join the 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge, which was an initiative by @mariannewest, which, as a community, has grown since. You can also check @freewritehouse.

Music was dominated by trap and hip-hop.
Been a while, where are the royalties of pop?
Yeah, they came back but not as huge as they used to.
No such kind like "Love Me Like You Do"
But some superstars returned recently.
Bieber returned with his song "Yummy".
While on quaratine, he sang with Ariana's "Stuck With U".
The girl who sang with Gaga, "Rain On Me" not on you.
Back on her old sound, the new album of Gaga.
Do you know it's title? It's Chromatica.
Billie, her surname is not Eilish.
New song is out, in music she won't vanish.
Haven't heard about her for quite a while.
She's still here, new tune with the same style.
Who doesn't heart about the surprise album of Taylor?
Released so swift, and she called it "folklore".
Might be a big seller, critics has loved it.
Silent tunes, no dance, downbeat.
Dancing with her "brown legs", Beyonce is back.
Joined the "black parade", dedicated for black.
On the other side, Katy Perry aims to wear white.
But her songs are failing, losing her bright.
It might not be the right time for pop.
Give them time to shine, kings and queens of hip-hop.

Thinking about what kind of topic, and I remember music. As we hear and see from the music charts, hip-hop has been the top genre. Then I remember Beyonce to reference with the "brown leg". She actually had a song a year ago called "Brown Skin Girl"(the video above) for "The Lion King: The Gift", and she returns today with "Black is King". Unsure about how it will fare since music fans are raving over a new Taylor Swift album.

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