Househusband / Switch (Freewrite)

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Anthony woke up at 5 in the morning to prepare breakfast for him and his wife Belinda. But he has to prepare the laundry, and set them up in the washing machine and spin, at the same time, he is cooking the breakfast. Belinda got up at 6:30am to eat her breakfast and prepare the things she will need for her job as a cop. Of course, Anthony will never forget to pack some foods for her lunch.

After their breakfast, Belinda has to leave, while Anthony has to finish his laundry. While rushing, he slipped on the floor and had pain in his back. He has no choice but to get up, and continue with his tasks because he still has lots of things to do. The clothes are already hanged, and he got out of the house to go to the market.

He went home with a number of paper bags filled with groceries. As he opened the cabinet to arrange the things he bought, it broke and got no choice but repair them. When things are done, he reheated some foods from the fridge for his lunch. Its actually a late lunch as he's been doing a lot of things the entire morning.

He took his phone to pay their electric bill as it's the due date. However, the mobile wallet app is not working due to maintenance. He tried the other app but it has no funds. Got no choice but to go in the payment center. As he got there, there's a long line which he took an hour to reach his turn.

He was so tired when he reached the house but he has to bring the clothes inside the house. He folded them, and put them in the closet and drawers. He prepared dinner afterwards so the table is ready when Belinda comes home.

Belinda arrived at 7pm, and they had their dinner. Afterwards, he washed the dishes, and mopped the floors so it will be cleaned for the next day. Anthony was so tired, and he still feels the pain in his back from slipping. Belinda is already in bed, and Anthony was done with his house chores. He checked the locks, and it might be a time for him to watch the TV. However, he heard Belinda calling her name so he came. She's asking for back massage, and he complied. When she fell asleep, he stopped and got no choice but to sleep as well.

The next day, he woke up at 6:30am and rushed downstairs thinking of cooking their breakfast. As he got to the dining room, the food is ready on the table. Belinda smiled and hugged him, and had him sit in the table. After their breakfast, he went to the room to prepare the things he will need for his job as a cop. Before going out in the room, he sat down and reflect for a while. He changed his clothes, and called the office to ask for a leave. He was allowed, amd went downstairs to help Belinda do the chores at home.

In the afternoon, he took his wife on a movie date, and ate out in the restaurant afterwards. Before they sleep at night, he thanked her wife for everything she does at home, and as a good wife. Belinda smiled and hugged him.

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