In the Wilderness (Freewrite)

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In the wilderness of Africa, Andrew and Karen met. Karen is a tourist, while Andrew flew there for some studies and conducting research with regards to animal wild life. They got to know each other, and went out for a drink. He even flew a private airplane for her to have a view over the wonderful animals around.

They had a lot of fun in Africa, until Karen needs to go back to the US for her work. They actually forgot about each other as they got back in their work, and being too occupied that they don't even have time for love life. On one of the events Karen has attended, he saw a man who seemed familiar for her. The man approached her, and finally remembered him.

"You seemed you had forgotten me."

(Thought for some second) "Andrew! Is it you? Of course not! You took me to beautiful places in Africa. So how are you?" Karen asked.

"I was actually invited in by my brother, and I was glad to see you again."

"Same here." Karen replied.

The two had a long conversation that night until they separated to go home.

It's actually a long story. Until they realized they loved each other. It wasn't a perfect relationship. Andrew has to go back to Africa. Karen wanted him to stay, but she realized he has to let him go. She just can't bear long distance relationship so she broke up with him. Karen was called by her boss, and was told to do a project in Africa. She remembered Andrew, but she preferred not to look after him. When she arrived in Africa, she headed to a coffee shop, and someone opened the door for her. It's Andrew. The two talked to each other. On her stay in Africa, the two had seen each other, until the rekindled their relationship.

When the project was finished, Karen is determined to continue with their relationship, it doesn't matter if it's LDR. Eventually, the two decided to get married in Africa, in the wilderness where they first met. The two stayed there until they decided to go back to the US.

The End

Everyone are clapping. Cherry and Gerald hugged each other, and everyone are so pleased on their sweetness. Cherry and Gerald are the main actors in the movie. The two went out of the theater together.

With the absence of anyone and the camera, the two finally separated. Cherry has been following where Gerald is heading, until she saw a woman who hugged her. She's the girlfriend of Gerald.

Cherry got inside of her car crying. As she was passed by where Gerald and her girlfriend is, he saw Cherry crying with sadness in his face.

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