Lewis Capaldi Isn't a One-Hit Wonder Anymore

YouTube/Lewis Capaldi

I know many doesn't like Lewis Capaldi's music even read someone made a comment his music is dreadful. But it's up to the listeners. Evwrybody cannot be pleased, and the kind of music we like might not be the kind another person will like as well. I like Lewis Capaldi's music no matter how lonely how the songs sound. I can even say he's like the male Adele, and initially thought he could have the same success as the female superstar had.

Capaldi might not be as famous as Adele now, but he's considered a hitmaker. In fact, he's not anymore a one-hit wonder! Of course, he is already a superstar in UK with multiple top 5 hits, and two number 1 hits. His album "Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent" was 3x platinum there, and the number 1 album of 2019 in the territory. But his chart performances in the US isn't on par with UK.

Then he came to release his single "Someone You Loved" in the US, which was a sleeper hit, and of course a chart-topper. His album was a top 20, and at that time, people are thinking he'll be just another one-hit wonder. He released "Before You Go" several months ago, even months before pandemic. It was Lewis' second UK chart-topper, but I didn't expect it will even be at the top 20 of US Billboard Hot 100. As I noticed its pace at the said chart, it's moving slowly at the lower half, and when it reaches the top 50 and top 30, I thought it will stay at that region.

It came as a surprise when the song reached the top 20, and finally the top 10. Yes, it peaked at number 10 and didn't went out of the top 15 yet. The song is already 32 weeks on Billboard Hot 100, and getting strong at the radio. This goes to show that Lewis Capaldi isn't a one-hit wonder anymore. Funny as I searched for the song in the internet, and I realized Lewis Capaldi has broke the one-hit wonder title, then I saw him posted this tweet with "TWO HIT WONDER" statement.

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