Quarantine Life: Day 110, Nutrition Month

Source: Pixabay

We are on our way to the fourth month of quarantine, and we're uncertain what will the status be in a week or in a month. Are we going to stay at home, or we will be allowed but living with the new normal by applying the health protocols set by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF). As for our health, it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves.

Then I just realized that this month is Nutrition Month. Access to healthy foods may not be enough, but we can find our ways to eat nutritious foods according to availability. Others has started planting shortly after the quarantine was imposed, and their crops started to bear fruits. Anyway, eating nutritious foods shouldn't be limited to a designated month. We can do so any month or any time.

Coronavirus cases

Time for the update on the latest tally. But as per the latest data, it seems it wasn't updated as compared to yesterday, the increase is low. But based on the data provided by Google, the number of cases is currently 10.694 million. Deaths has already reached 516k, while recoveres cases at 5.48 million. According to Worldometer, here is the latest tally, there are 10.974 million cases, 523k deaths, and 6.135 million cases. The disparity of tally was seen there especially with the number of recoveries. Still in the lookout for WHO though. Back to the tally provided by Google, United States has 2.741 million cases, 130k deaths, and 844k recovered cases. Brazil remains the second most cases with 1.496 million total, and 852k has recovered.

The current total of cases here in the Philippines is already 38,805. That number is what mainstream media has announced in their news reports. There has been 1,274 fatalities and 10,673 recoveries. As in our province, the number remains with 27 active cases, which means zero addition for days.

Discrepancy of the tallies

As noticed from different reports, there are discrepancies of the exact numbers of cases, deaths, and recoveries. It was also reported that even those who doesn't really have the virus are included in the list as they were placed in Covid19 sections in some hospitals. For sure, the numbers may not be accurate, but we cannot change the fact that millions are affected.

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