Quarantine Life: Day 120, What to Expect With Covid19 Vaccine

Source: Pixabay

We are not sure when the exact date Covid19 has really started to spread, but for sure it was during the last quarter of 2019, thus "19" was on the official name of the virus. There has been many opinions regarding the virus whether it is just a weak virus, or the origins, and some protocols may not be effective. But taking care of ourselves, keeping ourselves healthy, and being away from any illness would be beneficial. So it's beneficial if we obey with the guidelines.

As of now, there's no final treatment or vaccine against Covid19. We cannot expect it coming anytime soon. Others had already expected for December or early next year. However, some experts are skeptical it will be available soon as stated in this article. This is important because such vaccines should undergo further, or even lengthy, study, and shouldn't come up with half-baked results.

Coronavirus cases

Total data isn't that updated at the moment from Google News, and the last tally was 12.552 million. Deaths and recoveries are not updated as well. But in United States the number of cases remains high which already reached 3.366 million, which included 137k deaths and 988k recovered cases. Brazil remains at its position now with 1.866 million, while recoveries isn't updated at 1.213 million as of yesterday.

Can't see the latest update on Philippines, but from another source, the total already reached 56,259. No available updated data of fatalities and recoveries yet, but as of yesterday, the total is 1,372 and 14,033 respectively. The current number in our province, Pangasinan, is 29 active cases. That's after one patient has recovered, but three new cases were confirmed.

Travel history of new cases

I noticed from posts of updates from the local governments regarding new cases has indicated the travel history of those patients. All of the three new cases has travel history in Manila, which might sound alarming. The thing is, there might be some people out there are not undergoing tests, and carries the virus. In other provinces, some of thenew confirmed cases has travel history in Manila too. Thus, it is encouraged to apply the guidelines to not contract the virus.

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