Quarantine Life: Day 137, Philippines Surpasses China

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It's not actually a shock as I check daily updates. But it is saddening as our country's number of coronavirus cases has surpassed China, which was believed to be the place of origin of the virus, particularly in the city of Wuhan. Countries which became the hardest hit during the first months of virus, are now quite relaxed, with lower increasss each day.

For sure, this issue will be blown out of proportion considering mainstream media will sensationalize it, causing fear and anger towards others. Instead of living with fear, why won't we just be prepared, and take care of ourselves. Of course, having faith would be important as well.

Coronavirus cases

The number of cases is already close to 17 million, with current tally at 16.94 million. That includes 664k fatalities and 9.897 million recoveries. More data for hardest hit countries below:

  • US already reached 4.502 million total cases, 152k deaths, and 2.208 million recoveries.
  • Brazil has 2.555 million cases, and 1.787 million recoveries.
  • India with 1.531 million total cases, and 988k recoveries.

As already mentioned above, Philippines surpassed China, and the current total cases is 85,486. With that number, it includes 1,962 fatalities and 26,996 recoveries. There are 5 new cases here in Pangasinan, and the total of active cases rose to a total of 83.

Quarantine Thoughts: The Need of Sunshine

Being at home doesn't mean you should just be staying inside the house. Of course, it won't be applicable to people who doesn't have a huge lot or yard. But for those who still have some space at home, they are allowed to go out and have some sunshine. It is essential particularly to those with weak mental health. Vitamin D is very important to become mentally strong. If possible, walking around in the yard, or even jogging, can be helpful. I did try it with limited space, but I have been busy for the past few weeks. I think I should allocate some time for such physical activities.

Before the quarantine, we didn't expect some lockdown, but we are already advised to use face masks. So before the quarantine, we prepared face masks, but eventually not often used because we are staying at home, which doesn't require wearing masks. Meanwhile, there are issues regarding wearing face masks, and its dangers. I don't know if I am going to believe what's being in the internet considering a lot of mixed up information. But one thing that we should do is take care of our health.

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Sunshine is so good for the soul. It's so important to take care of health now when a scary virus is out there!