Quarantine Life: Day 140, Covid18 Cases Prediction

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The University of the Philippines has released their prediction that by the end of August, the number of Covid19 cases will reach 150k in the country, where the tally reached above 90k already. Such prediction can draw fear to people instead of encouraging people to observe safety guidelines. Yes, fear can move someone to act wisely, but encourament will be a better drive for people to comply with health protocols.

Even some people on social media are disgruntled on the forecast knowing the biases of those in the university. An individual even said UP graduates can become fortune tellers. Apparently, it didn't sit well to many. The university's previous prediction was overwhelming though that it is higher than the actual cases.

Coronavirus cases

Globally, based on the currently provides tally, slow down was seen with total 17.594 million. It includes 679k fatalities and 10.333 million recoveries. US, Brazil, and India data below:

  • US still go up with 4.642 million total cases, 156k fatalities, and 2.273 million recoveries.
  • Brazil continues to surge now at 2.708 million cases, and 1.884 (not updated) million total recoveries.
  • India experienced a swift surge at 1.695 million total cases, and a high number of recoveries with 1.094 million.

Philippines is inching closer to 100k as the total reached 98,232, which included 2,039 fatalities, and 65,265 recoveries. Multiple recoveries was counted here in Pangasinan, but there's one new case, and one fatality. The total is down from 77 to 71.

Quarantine Thoughts: Government Support

During the lockdown, our worries would be where are we going to get our foods. No support received yet, and we are given a schedule to go out to buy our necessities from the market. The problem is our village was under total lockdown. We have to think of ways on where we can get our food. Besides, government support came more than a month after total lockdown. The mobile market came 3 weeks, I think, since the total lockdown. Then there goes SAP (Social Amelioration Program) which is supposed to be given to deserving families. I am not expecting that, but social workers, who should be visiting each household for listing didn't come for queries, and our name is not even listed in the village.

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