Quarantine Life: Day 79, Surges of New Cases

Source: Pixabay

It is actually shocking. A week ago, we are glad that the number of cases in our province is just two. They might be gradually recovering, and when they recovered, our province will become Covid-free. Though there are still hundreds, if not thousands, who are under monitoring.

By Sunday, we are shocked to see 5 new cases. That will lead to stricter regulations. The total is 7 cases who are confined at that time. Then yesterday, my deaf students messaged me that the total of cases in our province is 14. That means there are 7 new cases around. Some of these cases are asymptomatic, but they were tested positive with the rapid test kits, and followed by SWAB tests.

Coronavirus cases

The current numbers today shows the same number of surges each day. The latest count is 6.25 million. There are a total of 374k deaths, and 2.68 million recoveries. United States remains with the most number of cases, and each day has tens of thousands of new cases. At the moment, there are 1.845 million total of cases, including 106k fatalities and 411k recovered patients.

The increase here in the Philippines is pretty shocking. The total us already 18,638. There are 960 fatalities, and 3,979 recovered cases. The shocking news is that there are new 14 cases in our province as mentioned above. It is expected it will go up again.

Asymptomatic Cases

There are a lot of cases of Covd19 that are asymptomatic. For example, in a city in Central Philippines reported cases that are asymptomatic. Most of the new cases here in Pangasinan are asymptomatic too. This is scary because spread is much easier.

I am wondering, what if those asymptomatic won't show symptoms until the end of quarantine period? The virus isn't on its baby stage, and research found are not enough. There are a lot of things that needs to be discovered from the disease. So for now, all we can do is practice cleanliness and boosting our immune system.

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