Salty Peanut Butter (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day to all freewriters! I had just joined the freewrite "salty peanut butter". If you unfamiliar about freewriting, do check @mariannewest's profile, as she started the 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge. You can also check @freewritehouse.

Sandwiches are great for either breakfast or snacks. Here in the Philippines, it is usually eaten for snacks though it depends on what kind of sandwich it would be. If you got something like with burger pattie, pineapples, lettuce, and ham in a sandwich, well that will be great for dinner and lunch.

There are a number of sandwich spreads which are perfect for snacks. If you have peanut butter, that can make a great snack with bread. I prefer the one locally made, not the salty peanut butter one, rather the sweetened one and the salty part came from the butter or margarine. Sorry but I don't like the commercial ones, unless it has peanut bits and granules.

Chocolate spreads has gone popular. Thanks to Nutella, other brands existed. We now have one from Reese (with peanut butter), Cadbury, Goya, and even Gardenia (a local brand). I don't buy Nutella because it is expensive.

But of course, we won't forget about mayonnaise and cheese spreads. You can add cheddar cheese, ham, or even tuna, onions, and pickles. With just loaves of bread, or even buns, you can enjoy sandwiches of any kinds.

I have no idea about how sandwiches originated. There are multiple beliefs about its story, but one thing we know about this kind of food. We are blessed bread exists, and we can make different kinds of food from it, which includes sandwiches.


This is another freewrite created through It is set to 5 minutes, and start typing. Never stop typing up to 3 seconds or else, everything will be deleted.

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