Silence / The Song (Freewrite)

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Gwyneth is an aspiring singer until she met Ethan, who's the guitarist of the band, which lost its vocalist. Gwyneth joined in, and she and her band dreamed of getting a deal in a record label. They started recording an album independently. While writing songs, she and Ethan worked together to create the melodies. Being together almost everyday, they fell in love with each other. Thus, it became the inspiration for their album.

They submitted the album to some record labels but they're rejected. Eventually, they approached an independent record label, which agreed to release the album. The album did well in independent market, but unable to make a mark in mainstream music. The band almost broke up because of their struggles but Gwyneth intervened, and told them they became a family.

Gwyneth and Ethan has maintained their relationship, and they worked together to keep their band together. One morning, the two are in the restaurant, and are surprised to hear their album was played. People around are unaware that the song was from Gwyneth and Ethan's band, and many of them liked the songs. A man from his seat called on the waiter and asked something. The waiter returned with the CD, and handed it to the man. Gwyneth saw the man so she and Ethan approached him. They were surprised that the man is a record label boss. He set up an appointment with the band, which got Gwyneth and Ethan excited.

Their appointment with the record label boss went well. Working on their first album was started, and it put pressure to the band. Gwyneth and Ethan, who are working on the lyrics, has been fighting with their creative differences. Ethan also resorted to drinking, and came to the point of breaking up with the band. His male bandmates talked to him to make him realized their struggles, and now that they are closer to their dream. They also talked to Gwyneth, and encouraged her to talk with Ethan.

They talked but decided to break up. However, they wanted to remain as friends, and to focus on their band. That night, it's still very painful for Gwyneth so she wrote it down. She sat down on the piano, and played it. Tom, his bandmate, liked the song so he told Gwyneth to record the song for their album. She's reluctant at first but Tom's persistence made her agree.

The song was recorded, and Ethan is unaware of the lyrics. The record label has chosen the songs that will make it to the album, and wanted the song "Silence", the break up song she wrote about Ethan, to be the first single. Gwyneth initially disagreed, but the record label and her bandmates agreed. Ethan, though, is unsure and tried to listen to the lyrics. He realized it was about him.

The two has talkes again, and Ethan just wanted to be friends with her. Gwyneth then said, if the album won't work, she will leave the band because she still can't get over with the heartbreak.

The song was finally released, and due to its beautiful melody, it gained a lot of airplays which translated to huge sales. The parent album also became a big hit. The band is overwhelmed, and Gwyneth remembered what he told Ethan. She has no choice but to remain with the band.

As time passes by, Gwyneth is slowly moving on, and accepted the fact the she and Ethan are just friends. They began to hangout together but as friends. In an interview, she was asked about the lyrics behind the song "Silence". She immediately answered the question, and relate her relationship with Ethan and their break up. But now, she's happy that they remained as friends, and like brothers being in their band.

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