Steamroller (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day freewriters! This is my freewrite entry for the "steamroller" prompt. Join the 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge by checking out the profile of @mariannewest, who initiated the challenge, and @freewritehouse.

Riley lost his job after the company he's working for shut down, which manufactures engineering equipments like backhoes, "steamrollers", etc. He tried hard to find a job but he can't find one according to industry he was in. He had some savings, but they're running out, and he needs to support his family. His wife, Anna decided to look for a job to support their family.

Riley decided to work online as freelancer, but that's not enough for his family. At least, he had a source of earning even just a little while taking care of their home. While searching for other sources online, he found out about Bitcoin. That was the early stage of Bitcoin so he searched out for ways to earn it, from faucets to pools.

He then decided to buy some Bitcoin, but Anna is mad at him on his obsessions saying he's just wasting his time. He didn't listen to her so she just allowed him to do so. Acquiring thousands of Bitcoins, Riley saw Bitcoin going up.

While Bitcoin goes up, Riley didn't sell them. Instead, he continued to collect them. Until the peak of Bitcoin came, he decided to sell half of it. Instantly rich at that time, Anna regrets when she discouraged her husband. The family is currently enjoying the fruits of Riley's labor, and he also ventured to other cryptocurrencies.

Not totally about steamrollers, rather how Riley lost his job, and able to venture online. Despite the discouragement of his wife to collect Bitcoin on its early stage, he didn't give up. Eventually, everything paid off, and has proven the real value of cryptocurrencies, which many are still unaware of.

Here is freewrite entry for the prompt "steamroller" which was created through The timer was automatically set to 5 minutes, and just start typing. However, never stop typing or it will remove everything you already wrote.

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