Tax is Due (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day freewriters! So I am back with my freewrite for today. I had chosen tax is due as the prompt. If you want to join freewrite community, check the profile of @mariannewest who initiated the 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge.

Everyone are under crisis.
Many got no work.
No such thing as work at home for them.
It's a struggle that everyone has to face.
Waiting for the government support.
Some people are even skipped of the assistance.
Looking for ways to earn some money.
Selling online.
That would be a great time.
But wait! What?
The IR department imposed taxing them!
Everyone are mad.
But it's clarified.
There's a certain amount of annual earnings.
Reaching that bracket requires getting taxed.
Bills to pay are piling up.
How can they be paid when there's no work?
Installment payment? Good!
It appears on phone bills.
Electric bills! Shocking!
Tax is due!
Another thing to prepare.
What more?
Think of the food you will put in the table.
Worries about the virus.
Scared of going out.
Getting obesed.
Others losing weight.
Mental health problems escalate.
Societal issues.
Social media wars.
Distancing from others.
Struggling to breath with mask on.
The New Normal.
What more?
Open your eyes.
Look forward.
There's still hope.
We should be hoping.

During the times of pandemic, it isn't just stressful to think of the possibility to get the virus, but also the food we are going to prepare for the family. Add up the bills that you are going to pay, and some doesn't even have the job to be the source of the payment. Relief doesn't come when expected. But we all do hope this crisis will end so as to start the recovery.


I had written this freewrite through the app/site If you are going to use the app, you need to keep typing and don't stop until 3 minutes or else, it will delete whatever was already written.

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