Wheel Her In (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day freewriters! Here's my freewrite entry this time for the prompt "wheel her in". The 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge is an initiative by @mariannewest. You are all invited to participate in this challenge by checking the profile of @mariannewest, as well as @freewritehouse.

She used to be the strongest person you might know. With all those problems, she's able to overcome them. Criticized by a certain person when she stood up for her child, seemed unfaze. Nothing's wrong on her, those unreasonable people are.

Working for her family from 8-5. Provide food on the table. Budgeting the money she has in hand to make ends meet. Some things are mentally draining for her. Physical exhaustion? Yes. She gets tired but it doesn't matter. As long as things get done. On her day off, time for house duties instead of taking a rest.

She isn't always strong. There are days when her body needs to rest. Re-invigorate when she's not feeling well. But the time she was ail, she needs the assistance of someone to "wheel her" in to the hospital. Medicines she has to take cannot be counted in one hand.

Battling an illness has shown her strength. She might've have lost her physical strength but her will to conquer the illness made her strength admirable. It's a strength intensified by love even she feels her efforts are in vain. She lost that life but she's always be the strongest person for her family.


This is my freewrite entry for the prompt "wheel her in" which was written through the app squibler.io.

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