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Unemployment is not a new subject of discuss in Nigeria, Unemployment is the inability of population who have the qualifications and experience to work are unable to get a job. Underemployment refers to a situation where those who have higher qualifications opt for a job with a lower qualifications due to unemployment and frustration.

Nigeria is a country blessed with a lot of Natural and Human resources. But people who fall into the working class are unable to find a job to do. Nigerian youths are advised to opt for Agriculture but land and other facilities needed are not provided by the government.

There are jobs where people are not aware of and some people can't apply due to the lack of knowledge and experience required to work in such field.

Also, the employers require some experiences in a particular field but this differs from the experiences and skills being put forward by the applicants, in such a situation the employer will not employ such as a person.

In addition, reduction in the demand and supply of goods, which give rooms for some companies and establishment to terminate the appointment of some of their staffs, this is because such companies cannot afford to pay the salaries of all their staff.

Also, technological advancement,most companies now make use of technology to carry out their operations. In such companies, only a few staff is required to operate such machines. the staff have to be laid off in order to make sure the work force is reduced and that doesn't affect their production.

Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria

One of the major reason for Unemployment in Nigeria is Rapid increase in the Population. Most Nigerians gives birth to children they can't take care of, hence, rapid increase in the population. The jobs available for the rising Population is not enough. The Government sector and private sector can only employ some of the qualified Population.

Political Instability and Unfavorable landscape

The Country is in a serious mess in which the Youths are not in the core agenda of the House of Representatives and House of Assembly. Most times job creation is not in their agenda and when there are jobs created. The political leaders share these available jobs among themselves. They dictate who to give the job.

Lack of quality Education

There is a popular belief among the employers that most Nigerian youths are not employable. They believe Most graduates are very good in theory and not in practical. They belief the graduates doesn't have the required experience needed by the employers. Universities should make sure the graduates are being exposed to the practical aspect of their course.

Economic Recession
Recession has caused so many companies to terminate the appointments of all of staff because they can't cope with payment of salaries and welfare of their staff.

Effects of Unemployment
Unemployment causes high crime rate. A country where more than half of the youths are not employed, youths turn out to different forms of crime and fraudulent activities. Some youths have resulted to cyber crime by scamming foreigners of their hard earned money.

Also, Unemployment causes high poverty rate, alot of the unemployed youths cannot afford to feed themselves, provide shelter for themselves. So many of them depend on their parents for all the basic needs. During employment exercise, a lot of PhD holders apply for a Bsc job openings because of Poverty. They need any available job just to feed themselves.

The basic infrastructural facilities needed by the investors from other countries and within the country are not provided, such as good road and good electricity supply. The investors need all these to invest in a country.

In conclusion, Government Should put more effort in providing good jobs and not jobs that can't feed them in a month. The skilled and unskilled labour should be able to get a job and live a good life. Also, Government should provide the basic infrastructural facilities such as good water supply, electricity and good and motorable road.

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