Applications that make your photos more beautiful on your phone.

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Hello everyone! Do you like to color pictures and modify in any way? I am very much. I only use my samsung s7 camera and some android applications. I like artistic photos and I have many profiles that I follow on instagram.


Here are some applications that I recommend for photos.

  • LightX - double exposure, various filters, eraser, no problem.

  • ShapicalX - my favorite application that allows you to add geometric shapes of different colors and glitch effects.

  • Movee - is a great application that will bring photos to you and add glitch effects on the move.

  • Lightroom and Snapseed are two similar applications thanks to which it adds images of darkness, colors, contrast and saturation. I can't imagine working without them.

Of course, some extras are paid and it is worth considering a one-time fee.
If you want to see my photos, I invite you to my instagram

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