I am crazy today😄

in hive-148441 •  4 months ago  (edited)


The morning started well. Strong coffee and I was ready to go. I looked at the price of Hive. Noah, I could believe how she went up. Now I know that a few days ago I did well buying several hundred Hive tokens.
I thought ... I'll do something crazy today. I like my hair style but these are just a few hairs on my head and gray hairdressers closed.😄 Hmmm ... Even Cristiano Ronaldo cut his hair. It will grow quickly and it will be fun .. I thought.


Do I only see the similarity of the legendary character Heihachi Mishima from Teken?😄 If you see similarity to another character, write in a comment, we'll get together😄
The end result was great. Now I don't have to get up three minutes earlier to get a haircut 😀 I'm lighter by a few grams and I feel the wind blowing in the spring 😀

Come on and say! What do you think about my hairstyle?

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