Pump on Hive?

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Yesterday was really hot. I think most of us have benefited from this with good results. Hive's price has exploded to the top! I sold my modest 40 hive on the hill. In the following days I will buy back my hive tokens. Pure trade. The same situation was when steem started on binance exchange.Good promotion and profit is huge. Better than a bank deposit.😀
Today it is not so colorful with the price but it is still good. Sometimes you can't wonder if the price is good or too high or low. I have been selling steem and buying hive for some time. I am satisfied. The post curation alone brings a lot of profit for me.

As I see it in the coming days

I think the price of hive will go down and Justin Sun will do more to make the price of steem rise ... Hmm, they are probably good pair to tade on bittrex. I know it can be different in cryptocurrencies. As you have noticed, there is always at least one or two great earning opportunities in a year.
Anyway, I regularly power up and watch the market. I wish you a good day!✌

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Same plan here, I sold a bunch at the top and now waiting for a good correction to get some hive and power up.