Want to make some HIVE? Looking for a person to do some job.

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I need a person with good English writing skills to write a tutorial for buying and selling crypto on an exchange - with screenshots.

Not a lot of text yet you need to know how to use exchanges and have accounts on them. I need job done fast - max a week so only apply if you have time.

A must is to have account on:

If you have those you can apply and I will explain whole task. If you have more exchanges, also let me know.
Contact me on my discord (on the bottom of my post) and reply I the post too.

The task will be paid 100-200 USD worth depending on the quality and I expect it to not take more than a few hours (depending on your exchange use skills).


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Hey man, I'll do it for you. Are you still on the Neoxian server?

I know some of my friends who can do this in an hour

Hey @kingscrown! I can do this under 2 hours. I will message you right away.

Hmm... Sound interesting. I have Binance and Bittrex.
I am probably good for Bittrex but maybe can handle Binance.
What's involve?

Just in case you don't have enough pretenders... LOL I rebloged.

I could do it, but I don't have time for it right now. I know a couple exchanges would be a nice to add... especially because they also do mobile apps like Crypto.com (it's not as broad as exchanges, but punches a huge amount of other user experience).

Have fun writers! I would like to see the result too @kingscrown, so be sure to post that if that's going to be the aim.

Am interested and I could do it I have bittrex, Binance and ionomy account can even start today