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Today we are going to a cool place I found called Half Off Books located in Chesterfield MO. Don't be fooled by the name. In addition to books the store sells records, CDs, DVDs, magazines, video games, record players, and board games and much more.

Half Price Books is a chain of new and used bookstores in the United States. The company’s original motto is "We buy and sell anything printed or recorded except yesterday's newspaper." Half Price Books operates more than 127 stores in 17 states (source Wikipedia)

Check here to see if one is located near you if one is near you: https://www.hpb.com/all-stores-list

"Born in the USA"

This brand new vinyl by Bruce Springsteen aka "The Boss" with all the classic hits from 1982-1984 went home with me.

Did you know the iconic album cover was not intentional? In an interview with Rolling Stones Magazine, Bruce explained "...the picture of my ass looked better, than the picture of my face, so that’s what went on the cover."

Read the full interview here: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/the-rolling-stone-interview-bruce-springsteen-on-born-in-the-u-s-a-184690


All types of media, both new and used, are available for purchase.


I have been a huge fan of Rod Stewart for decades and always hoped to catch one of the soccer balls he kicks into the audience during his concerts but never got that lucky so far! Maybe when he performs in town this summer.


Rest in peace, Tom Petty! Gone too soon...


This Beatles record set, along with several other pricier vinyls, were kept under lock and key.


The price was right but there were too many scratches on this .38 Special record. Always check before you buy used vinyls!


In case you need a record player to listen to your vinyls, they are available for purchase and reasonably priced.


Free coffee and board games to play while you're in the store are nice perks!☕


Plenty of room to hang out, rest, drink your coffee, read a book, play chess or one of the free board games from the previous photo.


Here's a display with an assortment of unique gift ideas. I wouldn't mind receiving the Himalayan rock light!


Another display -- this one featuring different types of games.


Musical CDs for every music genre.


Many of the used books, music, and movies for sale in each location were purchased from local residents as you can see in the photo. From doing research I learned you only get pennies on the dollar here and do better by donating your items to a charity and taking the tax write off instead.


As we make our way to the checkout, there are more vinyls on the right and displays straight ahead.


Bookmarks are always preferred instead of "dog-earing" the last page you're on.

(definition https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog_ears)

Well friends, this wraps up our trip to Half Price Books. Thank you very much for shopping with me!

What did you think?

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Oh, Nina! @ninahaskin This was such a cool post and I have been so wound up in the events of steemit this week, I never got to finish the comments! I hope that you are not offended and while I did read all of them, I always like to comment fully on them, which didn't happen to about 1/3 of them.

#MarketFriday is so appreciative of all the people that support it and know that we wouldn't be having one without people like yourself. Steemit means a lot to me and I just want to see it get back to where it once was, or at least someplace that feels better than this.

I hope that we all can just continue with our life here and throw some fairy dust on this place. I know we can make magic again!! Thank you again! xoxo

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Upped and steemed


Please never feel like you need to explain, Denise! I understand how things come up in life. You have a family, job, travels, social life, etc., added to which all of us have the recent stresses & drama of Steemit to deal with.

Haha! Yes, let's all keep our eyes open for some magic fairy dust!🧚‍♀️💫🧚‍♂️
Maybe someone will stumble upon some and tell us where we can buy it in an upcoming #Marketfriday post! Wishful thinking!

I've been wanting to razz you about the part where you say "anywhere or anything you pay money for a service.." Might I suggest a footnote be added for clarification to keep market material rated PG-13 or higher so nobody gets carried away and takes Marketfriday to a brothel?!👠

Thank you for stopping by, leaving the kind words and your support, as well as the generous tip! Happy Friday! @dswigle💋

I am !DERANGED and give some away too...

I think we're all a bit deranged these days!
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Happy Saturday!💓

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I can get quite lost in a book store, just looove books! That's a really nice collection of bookmarks they have there as well.

You too? @Lizelle My "go to"s have always included books and music since I was a little girl. You don't see too many places offering this vast of a selection of bookmarks.

Have a terrific day, Lizelle!💕

I love this place. I went to one in Ohio and I got some really great vinyl. Nice post!

That is great to hear! Which city in Ohio? My husband and I enjoy going up to Columbus to catch an Ohio State football game every year. Need to add looking for a Half Price Book Store to the activity list.

Thanks for stopping by and your support! @bozz

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v nice

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looks like a lovely place, i'd be happy to work there.
and a lot of gems inside, indeed xD

have a !BEER, my friend!

It would be a fun place to work with its groovy vibe! @qwerrie

Thanks for the tour. A great place to spend an afternoon Nina. @ninahaskin. 💞

Happy to have you join me, Jo! Spot any vinyls you'd want to listen to? @redheadpei

Lots there I like. Nina. Hubby has quite a few vinyl records but nothing to play them on at the moment. He has records by Pink Floyd,David Bowie, The Beatles, Tom Petty and a lot more similar to the ones in your post.

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Oh I LOVE Half Price Books! I used to frequent that store when I lived in Arizona, so much good stuff. Have not been in one in years though as they don't have them here in Podunk, Oregon. ;)

I'd never heard of or seen one of these stores before and find out they've been around since 1972. Hey, maybe you can open a shop up there in Hodunk, OR? @summertooth

Hello Beautiful
I see that you enjoyed hehe I have a lot of vinyl of my husband, I liked walking with you through that beautiful place

I appreciate the compliment! @txatxy💕
These types of stores are popping up everywhere lately. Who doesn't enjoy listening to records fromprior years? All the memories come flooding back...

"What's old becomes new again"