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Saying thanks when someone does something for you and appreciating the little things you have.
Saying "I love you" to your loved ones because you may wake up one day and not see them anymore.
Saying I'm sorry when your wrong, you won't die


Normalise :
Putting yourself first and taking care of your mental health, guard your inner peace with all you've got.
Taking fruits and eating healthy to boost your immune system.
Giving no matter how little you have.

Normalise :
Looking your best, stop looking like you're the only one going through stuff, we are all messed up in our different ways.
Taking to yourself, taking a time off and enjoying your own company.
Spoiling yourself,buy that thing you love and hide somewhere and eat alone.

Normalise :
Being goofy, sing and shout at the top of your voice,dance like an idiot when no one is watching.
Minding your business because it will save you from a lot of rubbish.
Cutting off toxic friends and people that make you feel uncomfortable.

Normalise :
Making mistakes, you're human,don't beat yourself up when you do it.
Taking pictures of your fine self,look at those pics and tell yourself all the good and nasty things,crush on yourself.
Working towards achieving your goals,working with budget because you deserve financial freedom

Normalize praying for your friends to prosper also, your car alone can't make a convoy
Good day fam
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