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There are people we should never let into our lives and there are people we should never forget too. The gems that makes life beautiful and worth living, you know how tough life can be but with the right set of persons, living becomes a lot easier.

Never forget those in your life who:

Remind you of how great you are - Surround yourself with people who will always tell you positive things about yourself, hype you and make you feel you're doing just enough. Anyone who dwells on your flaws or full of negativity shouldn't come an inch close to you, keep them far away.

Tell you the truth when its not convenient - This is important, people who say the truth to your face are very rare to find, most people will lie at every slightest chance they get just to make you feel good. No, if you listen to those kinds of people, you'll never grow, you'll never learn or be on the right path.

Provide a shoulder to lean on when you need it most - We find ourselves in tough positions sometimes, life is so unpredictable with its many challenges. We need friends or loved ones we can lean on when we can't take it anymore, we have shoulders so people can lean on us when they need to.

Push you to be a better version of your previous self - What will you be doing with people who don't want you to be the best? People who don't push you to do better? You don't need such persons in your life. You need friends who want to see you win, see you grow and be better everyday.

Invest in your personal development - I've seen friends pay for courses for each other, send job openings and even help each other apply for jobs. What are you doing with friends that don't care about your personal development or finances?

Be very careful with the kind of people you keep in your circle, remember that your network says alot about your networth. Be very picky about who you share your personal space and life with.

Always remember those who make you feel good, keep them close to your heart. Appreciate them.
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I absolutely agree with you!

Thanks for reading