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I read something sometime ago and I found it intriguing so I'm going to share...

First one

"When you're born, you look like your daddy or mummy but when you die, you look like your choices."

One of the best things we have in life is the ability to choose from various options. Now when a child is born, he or she either looks like the mom or dad or they take few features from the both of them. But as they age and go through different Life struggles and experiences,they begin to look different. They make good and terrible choices and these choices can either make or break them. If you choose to take hard drugs, won't you end up looking like a crack head because of that choice? Even though you once looked like your mom, that drug will make you hardly recognisable by your own parents.



"How a baby is dressed will be determined by how wealthy or poor his parents are".

This here is the truth, kids born into wealthy homes are very easy to identify, always well adorned and dressed in the finest clothes that exist. The children of a poor man can be easily known from the not so good or average clothes they wear and how they feed. A poor father won't spend more than he has on clothing, he will definitely cut his coat according to his size.

In summary
The quality of life a child has is a function of his parent's financial standing. If children have good financial backing from their parents, they'll definitely do well if they are willing to keep trying and take advantage of the privilege.

We are products of our choices that's why two siblings can have the same upbringing and opportunities but while one turns out poor, the other becomes a CEO. Choices

As we become adults, our lives begin to take the shape of our choices. Irrespective of how life plays out, where you end up in life would be a sum total of all your choices.
So choose wisely, it's okay to make mistakes but always learn and keep learning.

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