Often times I see users engage in an activity or the other that's against the rules of this platform and something annoying about this is that it's not usually restricted to newbies. And anytime I see this I do wonder if people do read the FAQ when signing up on this platform.

I will say it's essential for every user of this platform to go through the FAQ for easier understanding and clarification for what is about and when introducing someone to this platform we should emphasize to them on the need to read the FAQ

Will be talking briefly or should I say summarising some important hive rules I do tell any newbie when introducing them to the platform.

Spam is one of the vices, this blockchain frowns on if found spamming your posts will be downvoted or flagged. Your posts may also get blacklisted by hive watchers.
Spamming can take place in various forms. Some of which are:

  1. Dropping of low quality/spam comment:
    This can be done not fully reading and digesting a post before dropping a comment, thereby making comments out of context with the main article.
    Also giving comments like nice post or good post randomly on articles is spam because it shows you don't read the posts. Copying of others comments and posting as yours is also another way of committing spam
    Before dropping a comment make sure you understand the article and give good contributions.

  2. Don't Post A Single Article Twice:
    I was checking through Hivewatcher discord server when I saw a user who was blacklisted. Because he kept posting a single article into several communities, despite the warnings he got. A single article is to be posted once to a given community or preferably to your blog.

Users should avoid the act of phishing on the platform because it's unethical and will definitely lead to their accounts being flagged and subsequently blacklisted.
Phishing can also be the act of dropping another website link in a comment section to gain traffics on the website or luring people to click a link that's going to expose their details.



What I mean by hive on is that every user should give their b est to this community by creating quality and engaging with others to get rewards rather than begging.
Dropping of comments asking for votes or follow for following, is an act which the platform frowns and should be shunned by every hive user

Only original contents by you, are allowed in this blockchain Don't post an article that isn't yours on
If you are to post a previous work written elsewhere, ensure you source it and preferably the username you use on hive and your previous source should be the same.

I heard there is a means of buying articles online. A friend who I was tutoring about how this blockchain platform works got her account blacklisted by posting an article she purchased online.
My dear hiveans I will advise we all to stay away from such websites/acts because most of the sellers running those sites have a monetary target to meet.

And they can sell the same article they sold to you to multiple persons and when you post it on hive without having the knowledge of it has been previously published online by someone else you will be committing plagiarism.
Thereby inviting down votes, being flagged, and blacklisted.


That's the final rule we ought to follow if we want to be a successful hivean. Go to the FAQ and learn everything you need to know about hive.

Thanks for reading. I remain @prechyrukky

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Thank you

Dear @prechyrukky

The problem with reading FAQ on decentralized blockchain / social media platform is that it's written by someone. Someone who will be considered by many nothing more than centralized party.

Many users consider decentralization to be equal to freedom of speach and actions.

Especially it's hard to follow any FAQ when we see large accounts not following it.

Regardless - interesting read. Upvoted already :)
Yours, Piotr

It decentralized but the system still shouldn't be abuse that's why to me it's advisable to go through the FAQ. As I have seen several accounts gotten black listed due to plagiarism and various forms of plagiarism

Thanks for the contribution and curation.

Thanks for sharing this golden information...I hope more people read and stay in line