What's Hive For You?: Hive Is My Safe Space



A safe space can either be your home; a place where you can drop all your worries and feel at peace, or a comfortable workplace. For me, hive is both and it's even more.
Will be talking about what hive is to me in the three categories I mentioned above accordingly which are: Home, workplace, and more

A hive is a place I visit anytime I feel bored, going through other hiveans blog do brightens my mood and wear off away boredom from me as there are many worthy entertaining and engaging articles out there to learn from and also contribute to.
It's also a home I find trustworthy enough to share my thought and ideas with. 30% of posts in my hive blog are actually about my personal life. I don't put down my writings in a direct way that will make a reader sense the article it's about me though.
But whenever I drop writings about my fear, hope, stress, sorrow, and joy. I feel free and it's a way I let go of burdens in my heart. Hive is my home because it allows me to be ME.

Hive is also my workplace I blog to earn on hive. I have also been able to come up with some great resources here on hive that I have been able to add to some researches I was making. It's a workplace that you feel that utmost comfort with little/no stress.



Hive is more, I will be sharing my reasons why I said that hive is more to me below.

Before my presence in the community, my knowledge box was low. As they do say growth is constant, hive as being a place where I have been able to grow tremendously. I got knowledge of Cryptocurrency in 2017 and was introduced to this platform but I didn't sign up until 2018 and since then I must say that my knowledge box has increased significantly.
I got knowledge on various aspects of life through this community and also learnt more about Cryptocurrency through this platform, about from that my writing skills have improved over my two years of being here. Before hive, I didn't believe that I can pen my words down and get the attention of an audience but through the hive, I have been able to actualize that

Hive to me is more also because it's unique than other social platforms I belonged to. I have been a member of various social media platforms before this platform. My Facebook account is 9years old or more but something I loved about hive is that the power of my account is in my hands, unlike these social media platforms, as I am the only one that has access to my keys and there is no form of hacks like we see in the Twitter hack that happened few months back.

Also, my Facebook account was almost hacked two years back despite the fact I kept my personal details safe.

Any Hivean must attest to the fact that Hive is a Safe space to learn, have fun, relax, share experience, and trust also.

I am @prechyrukky and this is what hive is to me. You can tell the community what hive is to you by simply partaking in this contest by @hiveph

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Congrats on this very personal and sincere post @prechyrukky. I really felt good about also being on HIVE. Have a nice day! :)

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Sooo have you earned enough to finally buy a pair of socks?

  ·  27 days ago Reveal Comment

How come @mykos is more successful than you??