How does this pandemic affects our workout routine?

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We are back to another lockdown, a more strict lockdown and how this affects my daily workout routine?


Working out has been part of my life for almost six years now, ever since I dated my partner.

While this lockdown seems like it's never going to go away, I am getting used to not working out at the gym and just using the space at my place and around our outdoor community which has enormous space.


So yeah, I have been keeping up with my workout routine. This week I was able to achieve 100k steps on my fitbit, which is not easy considering that am trying to limit going outside my place, even if it's just around the community. It has been a routine for me to walk every day even if limit to just a 30 minute workout if there are people outside.

Also, I have been doing my weight training workout at my place, thanks to the amazing kettlebell and handy resistance band.

I think if I am not sticking to any fitness routine, I'd already be insane because my partner and I have on this lockdown for almost half of the year because we started isolating ourselves at end of January this year!

It has been a tremendous stressful time but am trying to stay busy, one is through my workouts and stop feeling bad for myself about this situation.

Incase you were wondering why I haven't been keeping up on my blogs, it's because I have been off using any electronic gadgets that triggers eye fatigue. I haven't even been able to read books on my kindle to I switched to audibook, and I loved it. I just the finished listening to audibook "Scythe", a dystopian trilogy.

My daily fitness routine may not be the same as before but I am happy that I am staying active and keeping on the weight that I want, plus it helps to relieve stress and depression.

If you haven't been getting any workout, it's okay, some of us are really struggling but remember just getting in some movements will help you to feel better.

Have you been staying active?

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I feel you! Not sticking to a routine can pretty much drive you insane!

Personally talking, I'm not the real me, without any plan to follow.

Yeah, we know that you're now limited in online due to your eye fatigue, but keep your gym and activity report with your best way, happy to see your smile again 😊🤓😍

No doubt you are so fit. I've also stared working out but 100k step is not an easy task. And the hards works can be seen in your face. Keep working, keep going

Oh! That's why. I was wondering why I haven't heard from you in a bit. So, is your eyes OK now?

I have been active lately! I'm back to walking around the community, plus gardening and the enermous household chores! Hahaha! 😬😛 Sure it keeps me active! 🤪

See you around dear. ❤

Sometimes the limitations allows you to express yourself better in a rather creative way. A more strict lockdown isn't really cool but this is our lives nowadays

I've actually been struggling to stay active. I have everything I need, I'm just fairly unmotivated... or stressed if I'm really being honest. I love the idea of getting away from screens for a bit.

I've been trying to stay active and work out every day after work since there's not much else to do, not as impressive as your numbers though wow congrats on 100k in a week!

Can't go to gym and swimming pool so mostly, I do home workout and simple stretches.

I've been staying active but not on work outs 😁

I've been staying active but not on workouts 😁 its really good to see you.

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