The best keto drop biscuit!

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Hello, friends!

It's been a while since I shared some of my creations.

Now, that my eyes are feeling a little better and getting eye fatigues as often, I thought I should share what I have been making in my kitchen.

This isn't isn't the recipe yet. I have to write it next time coz I can't stay on my phone for a long time.

I have tried a few keto recipesaand this one is my favorite, this keto drop biscuits came out very good! Will share the recipe tomorrow!


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This is looking crispy and yummy too, keto drop biscuit is a new version of your diet.

Oooh I want keto cookies too all the yum and none of the guilt that's how I want to live

Can't wait for the recipe, Gil! 😍

It looks nice, is it made from Almond flour @purepinay :P

from the shape it inspires my taste ... I like it very much @purepinay

I will wait for the recipe.