ZUMBA- Party Yourself Into Shape!

in hive-148441 •  26 days ago 


Posing after our crazy zumba class!

Now, that we have a new team, our Zumba class is on advanced level, and with less break. Unlike before when we used to have a lot of older people, we had to take longer and more breaks which take up the time from dancing.


I am excited for our next Zumba class next week, our trainor will introduce us to a new Zumba using two sticks. I forgot what she called it but I am definitely itching for some new stuff when it comes to fitness!

How about you? What have you been up to lately?

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Thanks for sharing looks like you had loads of fun where was my invite lol 😂👍🏾 @tipu curate

Haha next time,join us!

Ok I will fly over ✈️ lol 😂👍🏾

Haha awesome!