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Hello and Namaste Everyone,

I hope you guys are safe and playing this wonderful game to enjoy the time this lockdown. The weekend is just around the corner and its time for making some weekend plans. I understand that our weekend plans cant be that much fun like before but still weekend is a nice time to have rest and get relaxed too.


The New season of splinterlands game has started a few days back and I got my season rewards as well as per my league as Gold 1. Again everyone has started their battle game Everyone is just trying their best to unlock the best of the league to grab the better rewards when the season ends. Every new season afresh competition for the battling and that's more fun. The daily quest is always a way to play a few battles as per the defined criteria. Sometimes completing daily quest takes a lot because not all splinters have powerful cards. I think my water and earth team is good so that any quest about these will not be tough and time taking but if any other splinter is for the quest then it takes more time to finish.

Usually, I don't get better league in the early start of the season because I don't win but when 3-4 days are passed then things are better. It could be because the high-level player moves ahead then players like me can play and move further with the league.

I am about to make 1800 mark of total battles played and this is certainly a very good number for me I think. This number could have gone either more than 2k or pretty much close to it if I would not have taken a break for 3 weeks. Though I was not active and my league rank was gone to scratch but after coming back I did my best and made myself back to Gold one league. The current season is not gone by over 4 days and now is the time for me to pull my shocks and focus more on the battles as there are 10 days left and from my current silver 1 league to gold 1 will start.


I am halfway to reach gold 3 and I think I would be able to make a slot in Diamond league as 10 days are more than enough to make it.


I have slightly different plans this time to end this season and its about moving further with the Diamond League. I know that it will require some more powerful cards to have in my collection and I am all set for that. Since I have not purchased any powerful card in the last few weeks so its time for that too. I already have shortlisted a few nice cards and even working on to short a few more. Instead of buying one card, I prefer to buy multiple cards in one go because this helps to level up games faster.


My Gold Foil card collection keeps on growing and its good because gold cards are helping to have better rewards of DEC tokens. This season reward also gave me a gold card which is very good ofcourse.


Chanseus the Great - Another Untamed Legendary Summoner unfolded

The untamed edition of cards is not just too good in terms of rich graphics but also comes with different abilities. I have a few of the cards in my collection and some of them are too good to have in the team. This card was airdropped but unfortunately, I don't fall the category so I did not get the airdrop but never mined as I always have the option to buy it from the market and will buy when I feel like.


I have also gone through the battle share challenge post and this time its for one of the fantastic cards in life splinter. Sharing battle has its own and its always great to share our tricks and strategies to win the battle with certain criteria. Stay tuned for my next post about battle share with splinterlands.

Before ending up the post I would like to thanks the @splinterlands team for doing wonderful work and congrats for being one of the top dApp on the blockchain platform

This is my post for the weekly Curation contest and this is the official post if you want to participate then go through the post and share your thoughts and experience about splinterlands with your family and friends.

Become part of this wonderful game and enjoy the awesome gaming along with rewards and use my link below to be part of it-


Thank you much for reading my post and I appreciate your time
Namaste from India 🇮🇳
All photos are taken from splinterlands and not mine


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