Splinterlands: Let's talk about this wonderful platform

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Hello and Namaste Everyone,

I hope you guys are safe and playing this wonderful game to enjoy the time this lockdown.


The current season of splinterlands game will be ending in 2 days time and lesser the time left means more competition for the battles. Everyone is just trying their best to unlock the best of league to grab the better rewards when season ends.

After playing the battle for couple of days I am back in gold 1 League. This is the which I have been abel to unlock in few recent seasons and could not move ahead. Although I am trying my best enter in next one but honesty its not that much easy.

This is my current splinterlands player profile. I have played over 1700 battles so far and it could have been pretty close to 2k in total if I would have played the last season. I was pushed to bronze league because of inactivity but within couple of days I made it back to

I am 261 points away to reach next league that's diamond 3 and I will certainly try my best to make it happen if I would be able to. I think its needed to have higher level cards to have place in top league starting from diamond onwards. Today even it tool lots of time to finish my daily quest and its because competition is too high.


I have gone through the and recent announcement of some upcoming changes in leagues and rewards within splinterlands to balance the economy. I couldn't attend the AMA session but what I understand that the team is working to balance the rewards system. It will have certain requirements of collection to reach particular level. As of now its not completely clear to me but I will keep an eye on further announcement or any update about it. I am sure team will do whatever is best for project and players both so will be okay with whatever will be implemented on splinterlands.

For me, Playing battles on splinterlands game is always fun and during initial phase of the lockdown, It helped me a lot to stay entertained with my kid. Now when I started playing again so its a kind of excitement daily to finish quest and see what I have unlocked in rewards.

I have also checked out the battle share post for this week and this week theme is quite different as its NO ATTACK. This is a new thing for me and I am trying to figure out which cards I should use for the battle.


I could not check out any other game and intact not able give enough time to this one as well. Covid-19 situation is still going on and in India its getting worst day by day because numbers are growing with each passing day. I hope this problem gets over soon and we can get our previous life back.

This is my post for the weekly Curation contest and this is the official post if you want to participate then go through the post and share your thoughts and experience about splinterlands with your family and friends.

Become part of this wonderful game and enjoy the awesome gaming along with rewards and use my link below to be part of it-


Thank you much for reading my post and I appreciate your time.

Namaste from India 🇮🇳

All photos are taken from splinterlands and not mine

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