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Hello Friends,

I hope you guys are safe and sound and having a good time with @splinterlands
I just love splinterlands and back after 3 weeks' time to share my battle. Sharing battle is a fantastic challenge that I always enjoy and like sharing my strategy of battling with you guys. I have moved to my hometown for a few weeks to have some fun time with family and relatives while lockdown is going on. Last 3 weeks I was so busy so I could stay active on the platform but now I managed my schedule.
I always like to talk about splinterlands games and always try to ensure my submission on the challenges by the team. Now Its time to share the battle of splinterlands and let the world know about this wonderful game platform.


The current Season will be ending in about 8 days and there is a lot of competition. It took very long for me to finish the quest and I had to play many battles also to reach back in Gold 1 league.


Today In this post, I am going to share my battle for the challenge of this week as announced by splinterlands. This week there is not based on the card instead of this for the ability of blast. There are many cards with the ability and most of it I know in fire splinters so the one I am going to share today is from Fire splinters.

My Card Selection for the Battle

I got 22 mana for the battle and within this mana, I choose to select 5 cards and that's the best possible team I could do in this limited mana and that too these cards are quite nice and powerful. Here are the names of the cards-

  • Living Lava
  • Cerberus
  • Fire Elemental
  • Kobold Miner
  • Flame Monkey

Living Lava

This is one of the cards that I always prefer in my battle with the Fire team and the same I did in this one too. Why I select it because its the one which gets less damage and even I always keep it in front so that it can bear the damage and other cards behind it stays safe for some time and try to destroy enemy player's cards/


Not all lava is alive; most of the time, it responds to gravity as expected. But the stuff that comes from the very core of the Molten Mountains... There's just something special about it.


A dog having three heads which its graphic shows but the power and the ability it has its certainly great. I attacks and also restore its health so having this card in the team is important.


It’s not easy being a three-headed dog. The constant bickering, biting, and slobbering is always a distraction, and the heads can rarely agree on anything. When summoned to battle, these giant dogs present a fury of claw, flame, and fang that is difficult for any monster to get past.

Fire Elemental

This is one of the cards that do dual damage in one go and that's what I like a lot about this monster. Though its good for the attack but not good to bear the attack so I kept it in middle to keep it safe for some time and at the same time damaging to opponent cards. This card ability is blast which is what the theme for this week. This is the first time I am sharing my battle for any theme other than a card and its nice I must say because I have to look for cards having this ability.



Kobold Miner

This is a card that costs 2 mana but pretty good in terms of attack and damage to opponent player. Whenever I get less in the rang of 20 then its one of my choice to have in the team because of low mana cost and higher damage but again keeping it in front is not advisable.


Flame Monkey

This money comes for just 1 mana cost which is nothing and in this battle, I was left with 1 mana after selecting my other cards so choose this one. This is certainly not an extraordinary card but not bad at all for the cost it comes and it even does decent damage which sometimes pretty much useful.


Battle Details

I played the battle with TETERINA and this player played with the earth monsters in this battle and having pretty nice cards but my card selection was slightly better and this is what made me won this battle. Now let me take you through my battle to show you my strategy and overall gameplay and I hope you will enjoy it.

Here is the direct link to my battle and you can watch how I played the battle with the lovely Serpentine Spy-







After this battle, I got 10 ratings added to my score and 10 DEC tokens as well.


Did my strategy work? will I try differently next time?

My Strategy with this battle went well and the way I wanted to have the win was done. Since the theme was for the ability of blast so I found Fire Elemental card in fire splinter with this ability.

I have played many battles with this card before and I will keep on playing more and use this ability to win battles. The mana of the battles was not so high but still, I got to choose the best ones possible

This is the official battle challenge post for Splinterlands Weekly Battle Share Challenge. If you like the challenge and want to make a post then you can also participate and share with more people about it.

Become part of this wonderful game and enjoy the awesome gaming along with rewards and use my link below to be part of it-


Have a great time and Battle is ON! in the game and even with Covid-19

Namaste from India 🇮🇳

Photos and gif is taken from splinterlands and not my property


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