Splinterlands weekly Social Media Contest: An awesome Game

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Hello and Namaste Everyone,

This week is almost over and the weekend is about to start in few hours. I am so excited for this weekend because these 2 days I will get more time to spend on splinterlands. This season is left for only a few hours less than 6 days. Every new week brings new opportunities to talk about the game and this is a fantastic Gaming platform known as Splinterlands. I hope that you guys are safe from covid and playing this wonderful game to enjoy lockdown and quarantine time. Every day I spend some time to have the fun of battling. Playing battles with splinterlands is always great fun and whenever I get time I just try to play and even if I play 2 battles its always fun.


Last week when I published weekly splinterland post that time season was just started and now its gone by almost 9 days. Now when the season is left for almost 6 days, I have got the place in Gold 2 league while I am now fighting to enter in Gold 1 league. I am pretty much close to reaching the gold 1 league but my battling won't stop and I will try even more to reach diamond if possible. Reaching a diamond league is certainly not easy because I have been trying a lot since the last 2 seasons but its not happening.


Here is the snapshot of my splinterlands game player profile and my league this time is Gold 2 with 2287 rating. I have crossed 2k mark in the total number of battles and this is very good for me. It took almost 6 months to make it and on average, I play more than 300 battles in a month.


After ling time I checked my rank in the leaderboard. When I checked last time then it more than 4500 and now I am under 4k which is 3982 to be precise. As per this I played 134 battles in this season and won 73 in total with the streak of 7 and my winning ration is approx 50%.


I have noticed that these days even quest reward is so nice and I am getting newly released cards with a good number of DEC tokens. Nice reward always makes me feel good and this is something that is happening great on this platform. I am highlighting these two cards that I received through the reward and one of these I wanted to buy as well.

Zalran Efreet is a Legendary card in fire splinter and this is such a fantastic card to have. I got it for level one and since my summoners are also at level one 1 s this is a good addition for me.


The other one I want to talk about is Phantasm from Death Monster and this comes with Flying ability. It may not be so good in terms of monetary value but I find it quite nice and useful addition in the death monster team.


I have got these cards through quest reward and I hope to get many more and better league helps to get even better rewards. All these nice cards are going to make my gaming battle even better.

For this week, the Battle share contest is already announced I have also gone through the battle share challenge post, and this time its for one of the fantastic cards in water splinter. This card name is TORTISIAN FIGHTER and I have this card already so now I will be playing batter with this and share my strategy with you guys. Sharing battle has its fun and I like to share my ways and strategies with other players. Its a nice opportunity to learn from others to know what tricks and line up they follow on their battles. Its interesting to and learn from others and also share my own with them every week.


A BIG thanks to the awesome and wonderful @splinterlands team for doing great work keeping the community engaged through various contents and tournaments

This is my post for the weekly Curation contest and this is the official post if you want to participate then go through the post and share your thoughts and experience about splinterlands with your family and friends.

Lets spread to the world about this fun and fantastic game on social media to bring more attention to the platform.

Become part of this wonderful game and enjoy the awesome gaming along with rewards and use my link below to be part of it-


Thank you much for reading my post and I appreciate your time. Stay Safe

Namaste from India 🇮🇳

[All photos and GIF are taken from splinterlands and not mine for this post only]

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