Spring is Coming to an End....

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Hello guys....

It is not surprising we are losing track of lots of situations in our life. In that way, the Spring season in my country is almost coming to an end. Hard to notice because it really felt like it was that day when spring entered this year and suddenly it is going away. Although the weather has already started to heat up and yesterday it was around 35-degree Celsius (highest temp) for the day. It is feeling like summer is coming much faster than we have expected.

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The colors of leaves have already changed and it is falling from the trees, as we speak. Even though to be honest, this color seems to be much more attractive than green to me. Well, I might be going nuts in this whole quarantine situation. Well, do not judge me judge this Corona, who is making many of us go insane.

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Even though spring is one of my favorite seasons, which I enjoy but I am not feeling at this moment. Like the way when we noticed the changes happening while winter was taking over us, that sort of feeling is missing. probably because of all the commotion in the world situation as we are more concerned about survival than of noticing these changes.

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While as I was capturing these images of this tree, there is another story behind it. This house is also known as an abandoned house. As because so far I have been in this area for quite a long time but till now I have not seen any people out in here and neither the place has been taken care of that well. Some even say they heard weird noises out from the house at this place at night. But that could a huge rumor that has been spread by people over time.

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Honestly, I am thinking at this stage any season is welcomed, if we get to live and see the end of this apocalypse type situation. After going through some news it really feels like, the doctors/scientists are trying hard to come up with an antidote. Hopefully, they will be able to make it happen ASAP.

Stay safe everyone and situation could get much worse in the next few days!


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Best regards

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Honestly, I am thinking at this stage any season is welcomed, if we get to live and see the end of this apocalypse type situation

Amen to that, brother


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