Thank you for giving me life, Dear Mother - Happy day

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Those Moments of Warmth that Never Forget,
They are kept as a memory.
A Mother with Love conceives
With Love see Grow, Instruct in the Path of Good.



With love he corrects when he sees something wrong
and in moments of frustration and sadness
your words will never be missing,
Words of Encouragement, Tips for a Successful Life,
No matter what mistakes we make, Always your patience,
Always her understanding, Always she will be there.


Ilustración con una mamá y su hija durmiendo Foto de archivo - 32986158


There will be no other in our life, it is only one and although human,
because of you he becomes a super hero, they may make mistakes,
but what it does is for your Well-being, it is for your Good,
Because his life would give for yours to grant.


For Everything ... Thanks MAMA

All content and photos are from @sampraise taken with a NIKON Coolpix L820 camera


Until a Next Post...C0F.gif


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Aww, that´s a nice wish :) Happy Mother´s Day to all mamas out there.

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Thank you. Mothers are a blessing.

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