My Entry for "CreateThatLook" contest | Week 8

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Hi there Hive World,
Hope you lovely people are Fine and Safe.
I am come up with my Entry for #createthatlook Contest by @bliss11 and @drakernoise. A Weekly contest where you can participate with Photo filters/effects entry.

For this Week I try to use effect and filters on JUNGLE PHOTOS :P (Don't Take It Serious)

My Entry for 8th Week


Original Photo


I took toys and try to play with its Photo :P, Hope You like it


Check GIF Image of multiple results :P


It is totally Fun contest for me, really enjoyed it and for You it is good to improve your skills with Photography and with Filters/effects, So come and Join the CONTEST.
Thanks For the Visit.


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Omg! I’m so scared by those two wild tigers... ah nooo lol they aren’t real hahaha.
So funny entry @shrazi, I see you’re enjoying it so much, that’s cool we also enjoy your contribs.
Thanks so much for sharing your edited photos with us. Good luck for the contest! 🤗🤗🤗


hello that well, they seem fierce.

Hahaha @shrazi, your entries always make me make use of what you find at home and turn them into beauties. Now you turned those innocent toys to wild animals lol...and the gif is cool too. Am glad you are a part of this contest. 🤗

HEHE, Thanks @bliss11
You both @drakernoise and You makes me Feel like a PRO :D HAHA
Thanks for the Contest