Dears GEMS Community & Everyone, Kindly Consider Supporting The Growth Of The Ulogs Community With Some Voting Power.

May you consider supporting the growth of the ulogs community on Hive or Steem (whichever applies) with some of your voting power.



While currently a small-sized hivemind community, the Ulogs community has an amazing history. After some 4-months of its inception, the tag #ulog garnered some 20000 posts and 179,000 comments. It was also used by 5400 steemians.

The concept of Ulogs has grand potential too. Even as a word, it is relatable as people are familiar with words like blogs or vlogs. However, while not everyone consider themselves as capable of being bloggers or vloggers, everyone can be uloggers.

The ulogs community on discord has more than 5000 users.

In recent times, grew ill and my projects began to stall but these projects will rise again. The enterprise model for each of these dapps are set. Here is summary of the intention:

A blockchain-based social network platform created to propagate a form of content called 'Ulogs' into the world and emanate/rendezvous Uloggers globally. (See definition of Ulog here)

Development Status: is reaching its 'alpha-stage of development'. It has been functional/in-use for close to a year. 

See related image:


A Ulog is a form of content spanning across any topic or niche, that is created 'fresh' at every instance (i.e without resourcing from that internet), composed entirely of ‘excerpts of U’.

A ulog possesses tenets that allows content creators/curators to consciously 'evolve their human'.

The letter 'u' seen in the word 'ulog', is synonymous to 'you'.

The concept of Ulogging was born to remove all barriers to entry from human activities such as content-creation, content-curation, content-promotion. 

With every(any)one capable of participating in these tangible human activities, we can incite each one to apply these activities also towards 'consciously mining their human'. makes use of a 'proof of tears' reward-distribution model, rewarding ulogging activities with a digital currency called TEARDROPS.


Yes, will constitute the home for ulogs. Its domain is temporarily due to my financial restraints but it will be back up soon.

People also ulog on my tribe called '' too!

See image:

What Is A Ulog?

A ulog is a form of a content spanning across any topic or niche, that is created 'fresh' at every instance (i.e without resourcing from that internet), composed entirely of ‘excerpts of U’.

The word 'ulog' can also be used in terms of 'a web-space made up of ulogs'. Similar to how one would say, "i have a blog" or "i have a vlog"; one can say, "i have a ulog". However, a ulog possesses tenets that allows content-creators to 'consciously evolve their human', while reshaping the internet.

The letter 'u' seen in the word 'ulog', is synonymous to 'you'.

A ulog created today should not have existed anywhere on the internet yesterday. 

Kindly Support The Ulog Community With Some Voting Power.

Where you can please support this community. This will inspire me. However small, kindly contribute some of your voting power to supporting this community as well, while i focus on growing it.

Ulogs has grand potential in terms of stirring user growth for STEEM and HIVE alike. Where ulogs become part of each dictionary, it becomes an indispensable blockchain-born innovation, helping blockchain attain more mainstream attention.

People from across the globe can become uloggers.

Your Boy Terry


Kindly vote the 'steemgigs' witness on HIVE.

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