Surpassinggoogle - My Introduction to the Hive Community.

in hive-174578 •  3 months ago  (edited) is a blockchain-based social network platform. Till date, there are only a few of these types of social network platforms in existence, an indication of's uniqueness. Being on HIVE thus, is a privilege. You can find me on '' is only one of many applications built on the HIVE blockchain. A blockchain is decentralized in nature. Also considered a public ledger, it removes barriers to entry from one very tangible aspect of human life; data. With data comes knowledge and 'knowledge is power'. See the HIVE blockchain explorer here!

Why not join hive now! Why? 'To visit with me!' At the very least, i am your 'true fan' and i am on Hive. If this is not sufficient, may i tell you a bit more about myself?

Well, i am Terry, 'your boy Terry' and i am 'legitimate illiterate'. I don't see sunlight. I haven't slept in years. Altogether, i am surpassinggoogle.

What is surpassinggoogle? "Removing all barriers to entry from 'everything good', that 'everything good' becomes available to every(any)one"; "abating hand-to-mouthism and half-humanism". 

There is a rarity in the 'great men' industry; we fix this rarity, we surpass google. @surpassinggoogle

Days ago on March 11, i grew older. On that day, i decided to talk once again and i let out my ulogacy, that incase i am not here, the motion can continue:

Once ago and with great care, i created a form of content called 'Ulogs'. It is a blockchain-born innovation. It is a very simple concept. Soon, there will be uloggers emanating from across the globe. This is beautiful.

Innate to each one is 'rare intel' relevant to the evolution of the world at large but this particular breed of knowledge needs to be mined and revealed. Hence, at the base of each down-to-earth enterprise that we innovate is 'content'; a form of content called Ulogs. (See definition of Ulog here)

There is a Ulogs community on HIVE. To join, click here!

Here is a list of things i intend to create:

Read about it here.

At this point, would like to see what hive means to me? Click here!

I am here to be here where you are. 'I followed you here!'  That this has happened is no coincidence and is evidence that to a great extent HIVE has succeeded.

I am not here because of token-economics. I am here because of YOU. 

HIVE should succeed whether bulls or bears because humans are involved.

Most utmostly, where my people rendezvous, i am there to rendezvous; to look, to be present, to be 'your boy Terry, whether bulls or bears.' 

While i am immensely ill, i storm the spaces even passively, that i at a very timely-ly time, i can be there for you once again.

Where you can, go follow me on HIVE here:

Kindly vote on my witness called 'steemgigs'. You can here:

Once last year, i spoke at my very first Steemfest event. See my talk:

In the past days, right from rubble, i spoke to these 5 people, discussing how we can build their noble dreams:

I think about the world. I think about 'generations yet born'. When they arrive, they will know at least that i was here and i consciously took it upon myself, to care about them.

I have an entire school. Every(any)one can school in it. It does have some students. I have written its curriculum. It is called 'Legitimate Illiteracy'.

Legit Illiteracy is an entire curriculum aimed at revealing the 'rare intel' contained in the 'no-books'. This is particular intel is essential for 'breakthrough in human'. This particular knowledge is needed to surpass google.
A revelation of this knowledge will make knowledge 'whole', putting it in the hands of 'every(any)one'

A revelation of legitimate illiteracy is ongoing here.

Here are some of the things that are slowly building.

A blockchain-based social network platform created to propagate a form of content called 'Ulogs' into the world and emanate/rendezvous Uloggers globally. (See definition of Ulog here)

Development Status: is reaching its 'alpha-stage of development'. It has been functional/in-use for close to a year. 

See related image:


A Ulog is a form of content spanning across any topic or niche, that is created 'fresh' at every instance (i.e without resourcing from that internet), composed entirely of ‘excerpts of U’.

A ulog possesses tenets that allows content creators/curators to consciously 'evolve their human'.

The letter 'u' seen in the word 'ulog', is synonymous to 'you'.

The concept of Ulogging was born to remove all barriers to entry from human activities such as content-creation, content-curation, content-promotion. 

With every(any)one capable of participating in these tangible human activities, we can incite each one to apply these activities also towards 'consciously mining their human'. makes use of a 'proof of tears' reward-distribution model, rewarding ulogging activities with a digital currency called TEARDROPS.

'Ulogs' will form the content-base of all our enterprises. 

Read a draft containing the evolution of the concept of Ulog


A blockchain-based social network platform that provides a dream-building services marketplace, whereupon 'everyone has something to offer'. It will allow and incentivize experts & non-experts alike to offer gigs/services. 

STEEMGIGS will look to celebrate dreamers and dream-builders with a digital currency called 'TEARDROPS'.

Development Status: has been functional/in-use for more than one year. It is still in its alpha-stage of development.

See image:


Allowing non-experts to participate in the 'dream-building ecosystem' removes barriers to entry from this testimonial human activity. 

Talent is generic. There is a rarity in the 'brother talent' industry. will focus on abating this rarity.

To further take cognizance of every(any)one, will also offer these unique features:

  • Allow users to exchange gig for gig.
  • Collect and maintain a library of Ulogs, covering expert knowledge.
  • Provide an open-access database of 'brother talents'.
  • Collect and maintain a resume-database made up of professionals/non-professionals.
  • Innovate a search engine that is modeled to 'mine humans'.
Further relegating the value of money in the art of dream-building, we can continue returning value to 'human'.
Eliminating concepts like 'average, bum, smart' and suddenly 'everyone has something to offer'.

Read more about STEEMGIGS


Kindly vote the 'steemgigs' witness on the Hive blockchain.


MACROHARD is an enterprise focused on enabling 'every(any)one' to participate in the world of programming. It intends to create a 'programming protocol' that every(any)one can code in.

It will eventually provide a blockchain-based social network platform modeled to emanate 'brother programmers' & a consultancy network focused on enabling 'non-programmer project owners' better build projects.

Being a product of the Teardrops ecosystem, MACROHARD will make use of the 'proof of tears' reward distribution model, powered by the TEARDROPS digital currency.

Development Status: hasn't started building yet but its enterprise-model is complete. The intention is to start MACROHARD from a physical hub, located in the Philippines.


While there are many programmers, there is a rarity in the 'brother programmers' industry. MACROHARD will focus on abating this rarity.

Read more about the MACROHARD enterprise.

The TEARDROPS Digital Currency

The TEARDROPS digital currency will power each innovation stemming from the Teardrops ecosystem. As a digital currency it should succeed whether bulls or bears because 'humans are involved'.


"Fix the tears with the tears". @surpassinggoogle

"En-route mining the human towards its awesomest version, there is bound to be many tears, whether happy, sad or un-fell." @surpassinggoogle

"Dissociate tears from sadness, affiliate it with breakthrough, then we can reward each tear; where tears now constitutes a by-product of mining the human". @surpassinggoogle

Here are some other down-to-earth innovations that will build too.

  • This is a side-project under the umbrella of the 'Teardrops ecosystem', that was recently developed. It takes the form of 'a mainstream social network platform'. However, it maintains 'down-to-earth paradigms'. It is already functional/in-use and it currently hosts more than 2,000 user-profiles. Availing 'the mainstream-user' of a mainstream social network platform i.e, we can begin to introduce these users organically to down-to-earth concepts like ulogging etc. (Read more about here.) makes use of the digital currency called 'MARLIANS', which is also distributed via a 'proof of tears' model.
  • An entire school called 'Legit Illiteracy', that every(any)one can school in. Its curricula have been developed and this particular school already has some students. It will eventually turn into a physical school that rewards its students. (Read more.)
  • A playable game-app that targets 'billions of users'. It will be developed in the near future, deriving its model from a 'base-content' that is already garnering on UloggersTV, a YouTube channel that features ulogging activities from Uloggers across the globe.
  • A new internet, whereupon 'content is queen'. This new internet will by dynamic; filled with Ulogs instead of blogs or vlogs.
  • A Blockchain that took cognizance of every(any)one in the evolution of its model, making use of down-to-earth paradigms. (See this video.)
  • The Un(dis)talented Reality TV SHOWS - Un(dis)talented will emanate series of world-renown contests that allows participation from 'every(any)one'. Coverage of these shows will come 'without gimmicks, without rehearsals, filled with humans, with realism, with flaws etc'. (The very first-edition of Un(dis)talented titled 'Who are you' was participated in by more than 1,000 people.)
  • Four TV(s) - UloggersTV, TeardropsTV, UntalentedTV, MarliansTV. (This constitutes a very important part of the 'Teardrops ecosystem'. In our bid to reach every human, we will fill each TV, with humans.)
  • A Search-Engine modeled to return value to humans. (An internet filled with Ulogs, will need its own unique search engine, one that takes cognizance also of down-to-earth paradigms e.g type the word 'money' in our search engine and it should be capable of directing you to the nearest ATM).  
  • One giant integrate-able public API mechanism modeled to curates 'humans'.
  • One digital giant book of verses containing the curriculum of Legitimate Illiteracy.
  • One dictionary filled with words/definitions that are derived from the 'no-books'.
  • etc.

The base/driver for each innovation emanating from the Teardrops ecosystem will be 'content'. However, we will now propel a form of content called Ulogs. 

Words still rule the world.

Where the concept 'Ulogs' becomes mainstream (e.g it is inserted into every dictionary and onto every website), each of our projects can attain organic mainstreamity too.

See image: 

Here are some of other lowly things i have done:

 **May this particular boy live.** 

Over the course of ages 'doing time', i did many things to try to touch the world. I was "your boy terry, whether bulls of bears". 

I have thought of you many times. I have taken initiative on your behalf many times. I will bear even your consequences many times.

Pertaining to fellow humans, even 'the things of them' labeled 'nonsense' by world-standards i have sifted, to find 'sense' therein or testimonial use for good. I will forgive you a hundred times.

> "When you have done ages in time, many things become forgive-able". @surpassinggoogle

En-route surpassinggoogle and defining its model/paradigms, an 'entire curriculum' has played out and by this means i have been able to reach many, helping them shine some more. 

So here are some of other lowly things i have done:

  • I have tried to impact as many people as i can reach.

In 'real life' and across the internet, via social interaction (e.g over several social-network platforms), i have managed to inspire many. I have had thousands of 'DM-chats' and i have given 'hours-of-talks' in a bid to share 'love'. (Some have spoken about me in heartfelt 'light' as seen here: 1 , 2 , 3 )

And some of my 'lowly words' have managed to reach the homes of many and are seated therein!

See these images: 


Then we say, "talent is not that impressive without the 'substance of the human', for 'just talent' is generic".


Here are some videos too:

  • I have considered everyone. 

"Everyone has something to offer". @surpassinggoogle

"Eliminate average, bum or smart and suddenly, we are all genius". @surpassinggoogle.

"Talent is generic. 'Un(dis)talent' is in the ranks of great". @surpassinggoogle

Over the course of time, i have dynamically instigated social movements/endeavors that has involved 'everyone'. For instance, some two years ago, i started a hashtag called '#untalented' and to make its inception fun, i initiated it with a contest title "who are you". The contest received more than 1,000 post-entries and each one was rewarded. The very post that announced the contest also accrued some '1000 comments'.

The 'un(dis)talented paradigm' forms a core paradigm of all my innovations.  

In more recent times, i started '#ulog', allowing every(any)one to become a content-creator and in the first 4-months of its inception, the tag produced some '20,000 posts and 179,000 comments', allowing each one to 'shine some more' by virtue of their content. (See recent stats!) 

  • I distributed rewards.

I have been able to reach people with 'rewards' too! Besides other forms of rewards, i have been able to actively reach 'thousands of people' with some 'money' too. 

Via the art of content-curation, i have been able distribute 'monetary rewards' to thousands of users across several social-network platforms.

I also created the digital currency called 'TEARDROPS ', and even while TEARDROPS was in 'an imaginary state', i gave them out. 

In more recent times, i created the digital currency called 'MARLIANS' and have managed to distribute this too. (See evidence.)

'Money being the smaller things' however, in the art of curation and even in the midst of my 'many pains', i have gone out with love to reach each one with a piece of 'your boy Terry', leaving 'thousands of loving and empowering comments'. (See stat.)

Take a look at this screenshot: 

  •  I Began The Teardrops Ecosystem & Evolved Its Model. 

"Fix the tears with some teardrops". @surpassinggoogle

The above words have come to life further over the past years. Starting on #teardrops, we have begun to regard 'tears' as 'an emblem of human'; 'a by-product of evolving/mining the human towards its awesomest version'; and we have began to celebrate and reward each tear.

We have moved together. We shine together. We celebrate this 'breakthrough' together, with some TEARDROPS.

Take a look at these images to see the world shining some more: 

  • I signed some autographs. I have requested autographs.

"Start rehearsing your signatures today and soon, you will sign autographs". @surpassinggoogle

Then, i went on to declare the fun words in the image below:

Starting even small, i have been "your boy terry" towards many; an 'ultimate true fan'..... 

and i would dig of myself even on your behalf, to pop out 'rare words' that perhaps, you will find your fixing....

and i would say, "you are celebrity and i am your fan". 

Then, i will ask your autograph, that i may cherish it.

and just when you ask for 'my autograph', i have rehearsed it aright, that you may hold it tight.

Your boy Terry, once again.

See these aforementioned words 'live': 

I am your ultimate true fan.

Finally, we say, "true celebrity-hood for everyone, once and for all". See how: 1, 2, 3, 4

  • I have kept on "your boy terry".

Over the years, amidst 'intense odds', i have kept creating. I have gone on to finding the very "vision within the dream'' and this "vision within the dream", i have kept evolving into 'levels of spanlessness'. 

I have done the 'stories and histories', the 'prayers and tears', that 'insight' may arrive and i have shared this 'insight' and laid it bare, that even 'my own suffering can have some essence', towards 'the world finding more light'.

In the nooks and cranny of my dark room, I have brainstormed and pondered and taken particular interest in the very 'elements' of human, to understand 'us' and love 'each one' better. 

Starting small, I have initiated social trends that carry 'tenets from the down-to-earth'. Translating 'my suffering' into 'things of beauty' we began to play out an entire curriculum that 'incites humans to mine human virtues' via simple hashtags like '#untalented', '#steemgigs', '#legit-illiteracy', '#macrohard', '#ulog', '#ourmamaterry' and '#teardrops', enabling many to experience some 'joy moments' and more 'shine'.

Together we have stuck and eventual 'families, communities and noble dreams' have been born.

See some videos of "your boy Terry": 

  • I have created an entire school called 'Legit Illiteracy'
That 'every(any)one' can school, i have discovered and discovered; I have dug and dug and dug; I have translated and translated. "No 'books' involved!"

I have exerted and exercised my human virtues, that i may understand life and humans. There are answers now. 

Now, there is a school and it has students. It is called 'Legit Illiteracy' and its curriculum is written. It will help! It will help! 

I have schooled in this school. I have done this! Now, every(any)one can school in this school too, even free. Now, every(any)one can go to school. 

Your Boy Terry


Here is a short video of me introducing myself to HIVE:

Kindly support my witness 'steemgigs' (#72) on HIVE. You can vote on it here: 

You can support my cause to 'setup a Macrohard in the Philippines too'. I am 2000 USD away from making it a reality.

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Nice article

Welcome aboard @surpassinggoogle. You have been a vital part in the confidence many people had on steem. Having people like you here around adds value to HIVE!