TkTV Gold Digger Prank Reaction - Don’t Embarrass Them If They Aren’t Gold Diggers

TkTV Gold Digger Part 4 - Don’t Embarrass Them If They Aren’t Gold Diggers. Recently, i found a gold digger prank video on my feed which i watched. I didn't feel that the girl in question was a gold digger and i had left a comment on the said TK tv gold digger prank video with the remark 'Don’t Embarrass Them If They Aren’t Gold Diggers', which ended up getting more than 250 likes and some 40 replies. Today, i decided to take a look at the video again but in reaction video. Let's call this a 'TK TV Gold digger prank reaction.
This was the original video that i have reacted to titled 'TkTV Gold Digger Part 4':


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